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Zaggart Mar 3, 2006

I posted this on the SS forums so it is nothing new:

I received the game/soundtrack yesterday and I was a little suprised at what I heard from it.

There are three dominating styles in this soundtrack: Rock, Jazz, and Classical(My three favorite genres)

There are about 28 tracks for this soundtrack excluding dialouge, data, and warning tracks. Each song is about 2 minutes long. The first two are kind of cheesy openings that sounds like something from a medicore anime. The next song is rock, with a guitar in the background swimming along(it never changes its playing) and synth leads. About half way in an electric guitar comes and gets a solo part for about 10 seconds. After that it follows along with the melody but the synth is still leading. The next song is I think a town or shop theme, it sounds very happy but cheesy. Track 9 is an ambient pece with synth like a piano and a mekody very similar to the song "Palace" and there is dripping water in the background. The next track has a synth-organ/organ leading with a guitar swimming along in the background, the synth leads again. I should tell you that in almost every song there is an organ in the background or leading.

Track 11 has again a guitar swimming along in the background and synth leading. The song is kind of low and reminds of a song I have heard before but I can't remember its name. The next rack is jazz, with a piano and an organ playing back and forth and then has a little solo like section. Kind of like a night town theme. If I knew how to play I could make an awesome fusion arrangement out of this song, one of the best on the album. Track 13 has an organ leading at first with a synth orchestra in the background but then an electric guitar comes and joins the organ. Track 14 has a guitar leading and when it starts it sounds happy but the electric guitar comes in and sounds like it is crying but it gets annoying sometimes. The next track has instruments in the background performing the melody that sounds like the track before it. A synth leads and another synth joins in as does an electric guitar soon after and reaches the climax, another great track. Track 16 has an organ leading, synth, and an electric guitar comes in along after the synth, this song sounds a little sad. The next track is a battle theme that is upbeat with an e.guitar leading and an organ in the background tapping notes.

Track 18 and a few more are where the tracks of the jazz genre are of majority. A synth leads with trumpets coming in back and forth and a happy sounding piano in the background. Track 19 has a piano leading and 50 seconds in a saxophone and synth orchestra come in for a short time. There is also a bass guitar in the background that sounds like the bass in ""Cool Jam." Track 21 also has the familiar bass and a piano leading with sounds a little uplifting and a little melancholy. The next track sounds pretty cheesy but tracks 23 and 24 have a kind of creepy ambience and make good use of the organ. Track 25 has a flute and a violin along with the whole song sounding like a .hack field theme(that is a good thing). The tracks after 25 use the classical genre, which is good and bad. 26, 27, 28, and 31 are good but the others are too generic for my taste.

I was suprised with this soundtrack but I wasn't let down that much. I would give this soundtrack a 85% which too me is a B+. I wouldn't spend more than $10-$20 on this album if you are thinking about buying it. Even though it sounds like something from Falcom it doesn't let you down.

P.S.: If you could tell me if I have some grammar mistakes and where it would be appreciated.

Qui-Gon Joe Mar 3, 2006

A lot of Hudson games during the PC Engine era had a very Falcom sound to them.  I really think the two worked well when they worked together and it'd be beneficial for them to do the same today.  Someone once posted the proper track order for the ost here and the composer... does anyone still have that info?

Zaggart Mar 4, 2006

I thought some like Lords of Thunder and Sapphire had a unique sound to them, a lot better than Falcom.

clownb Mar 4, 2006

Dungeon Explorer II

Yoshio Tsuru

05 Opening 1
06 Opening 2
07 Underground Passage
08 Overworld
09 Undersea Cave
10 Boss Battle 1
11 Natas
12 Boss Battle 2
13 Desert Shrine
14 Final Battle
15 Closing Credits
16 Underground City
17 Waterfall Dungeon
18 Dark Maze
19 Ancient Ruins
20 Strom Road
21 Sanctuary
22 Town Theme
23 Solis Castle
24 Elis
25 Dark Woods
26 Widow Woods
27 Hyvoris
28 Pyre Castle
29 Trial Valley
30 Strom Castle
31 Frozen Tundra
32 Pyramid
33 Concluding Story Sequence

Zaggart Mar 4, 2006

Awesome, thank you clownb.

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