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fusoya Nov 18, 2007

Has anyone heard when the release date is for the soundtrack?

Thanks guys,


Wanderer Nov 18, 2007

Last I heard, December 19th. It is two discs.

Bernhardt Nov 18, 2007 (edited Nov 18, 2007)

Wanderer wrote:

Last I heard, December 19th. It is two discs.

Just to back you up, here's what Play-Asia says: … -2e4e.html

Nothing on CDJ so far...

Definitely looking forward to this myself.

fusoya Nov 19, 2007

Ah thanks guys, I appreciate the info. 

With the release date fast approaching, it's very surprising CDJ doesn't have anything on it, especially some first run goodies and reserve.

Thanks again.


shdwrlm3 Nov 19, 2007 (edited Nov 30, 2007)

I hate to say it, but it may have been canceled or at least delayed. Media Max used to have it listed, but it's gone now. I checked a number of retailers and no one has it up anymore.

ETA: HMV Japan and a few other retailers just put it back up, so I guess it's back on for December 19:

fusoya Dec 7, 2007

Yeah I just saw that.  And apparently they're out of the First Press bonuses already.  Jeez!

Qui-Gon Joe Dec 7, 2007

Do we know what the first press bonus is?

Cedille Dec 7, 2007

Qui-Gon Joe wrote:

Do we know what the first press bonus is?

Super picture labeled-CDs, Digipaked case and Box, if things haven't changed.

As far as I watched the entire game play, I have to say Sakaguchi should stop writing a lyric anymore (he also ruined it in Blue Dragon). Any good lyric wouldn’t save a chorus + rock + J-rap (or nenbutsu?) experiment, though. .

Sami Dec 11, 2007

Delayed, damn! I'm very much looking forward to this. Satoshi Henmi and Hiroyuki Nakamura are back, possible with more fantastic tracks in the vein of The Seal is Broken! But wasn't there supposed to be 3 or 4 discs, now it's only two?..

Cedille Dec 11, 2007

Sami wrote:

possible with more fantastic tracks in the vein of The Seal is Broken!

The first half of the final battle theme is exactly what you'd like to hear. I'll leave the last half to your imagination.

RinoaDestiny Feb 10, 2008

So now that the soundtrack is out, what's your thoughts on it?

I've been listening to it for about a week, trying to absorb it all and I must say I'm loving it. (BTW, Play-Asia issues the First Press release; I got the picture-labeled CDs, the box, digipak foldout, and a booklet). It's so old-style Uematsu that I'm falling in love all over again. And yet, it's not quite that traditional, either. For whatever reason, I feel like his synth is cleaner and his tracks are less memorable on first listen, so it requires multiple listens (just like good ol' Sakimoto). It seems like he's playing with more harmonies and variations this time around, including instruments, so LO really feels like a cohesive set of awesome. To me, it doesn't feel like there are any fillers.

This has to be one of my Top 5 Uematsu soundtracks now. FFIV, FFVI, FFVIII, and FFIX are my others.

Wanderer Feb 10, 2008

I'm waiting to hear it in the game before I give it final judgment. Still, it's a better listen than Blue Dragon and more consistent (and the greater use of live instruments is appreciated).

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