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absuplendous Jan 3, 2008

Does anyone know anything about this? I didn't even realize Gem/Pocket Fighter had a soundtrack release until recently, and a "remix" album sounds interesting, but it could just be a misleading title. The game had a few catchy tunes...

Super King Jan 4, 2008

Its a Capcom Fun Club cd. Japan only. I think its was one of the those clubs where you send in UPCs and get stuff. Kind of like how "Fighter's Edge" was here in the US.

Anyway there are 4 remixes, with originals and 4 PSX/SS tracks of Pocket Fighter. Jazzy remixes; its ok, but could be better. Capcom Sports Club is kind of just there and doesn't really stand out much. A lot of it sounds like a fisherprice keyboard sample.

Also there is another cd. CFCL-0001 "Vampire Another Selection" which contains extra tracks from the "savior2" & "hunter2" arcade and console releases.

absuplendous Jan 6, 2008

Thanks for the info... sounds like it'll be tough to track down. I somehow got lucky and got that Vampire Another Selection cheaply and easily, though, so who knows.

absuplendous Jan 25, 2008

Thanks to the tip of a fellow board member, I was able to acquire both the Pocket Fighter OST and the remix album I asked about in my initial post. Given the rarity/obscurity of the latter, it seems I am finally in a position to give back to the community that has given to me so much over the years...

I realize file sharing is a dodgy subject, but given the rarity, I hope most won't mind--think of it as my version of Angela's famous briefcase. So, for those interested, I have uploaded the Pocket Fighter segment of the disc here:




Included are the remixes, the original tunes, and tracks composed specifically for the home version of the game. The remixes are jazzy indeed. I enjoy them. I hope you will too.

Angela Jan 25, 2008

Thanks for the upload, VB!  I hope to grab it next week at work -- when I've obviously got a faster net connection to play with.

Been a long time since I'd heard Pocket Fighter's music.... but I vaguely recall me liking that one BGM stage with the big toy store in the backdrop.  Tell me that's one of the remixes. ^_^

absuplendous Jan 25, 2008

Angela wrote:

I vaguely recall me liking that one BGM stage with the big toy store in the backdrop.  Tell me that's one of the remixes. ^_^

It's the first remix featured, in fact! (the original's included, too.) It's the only theme that isn't jazzy and stays closer to the original, actually. I was hoping that that theme ("Toy House"), the ski resort theme, and the Chinese market theme would get remixed, but only Toy Store got the treatment. The others are the spooky outside place (with Jon Talbain in the background, generally looks like Morrigan's Vampire Savior stage), Demitri's castle stage, and the fireplace room stage.

Also, the four remixes are bookended by brief "Hello" and "Good-bye" pieces, the former of which sounds like a radio being tuned, and the latter sounds like an old record player playing a short piano jingle. They don't refer to Capcom tunes inasmuch as I can tell.

I played through Pocket Fighter to remember where some of the songs played... not my favorite fighter by any means, but it sure has a lot of charm. smile

Jay Jan 26, 2008

Thanks for the upload, Virtual Boot. I had the Pocket Fighter soundtrack years ago and loved it. Some of the oldies here may remember I had over 200 CDs stolen from work several years back. Unfortunately Pocket Fighter was among those but unlike the Panzer Dragoons, the Shenmues and the like, I didn't realise it when going to replace them. It was only about a year later (actually I was going to get it to someone here) that I realised it was gone and must have been in the stolen batch.

It had stickers too... I was gutted.

Lovely soundtrack though. So cheery!

Angela Jan 27, 2008

Just downloaded and listened to the album - 'twas a pleasant treat indeed.  "Toy House" is as catchy and magical as I remembered it to be, and you're right, its "Dreams Are Gathering" arrangement, much to my delight, stays comfortably close to the original melody.  I think the reason I like the song so much is because it reminds me of my beloved Staff Roll from Street Fighter 2. (The SSF2 variation, in particular.)  Aren't those opening bars during the intro and main melody uncannily similar? 

My second favorite track is "Inside: Moving of Devil" and its subsequent arrangement "Tacit."  (Just to be clear, "Moving of Devil" is Demitri's castle stage, correct?  Where said character is hilariously slip-sliding across in the background?  ^_^  ... Or was that the fireplace room stage? Man, I just can't remember......) 

VB, were you able to give a listen to those "Sports Club" tracks, too?  Do you agree with Super King's assessment?

absuplendous Jan 27, 2008

Jay wrote:

It had stickers too... I was gutted.

Lovely soundtrack though. So cheery!

Stickers? Aw shucks, mine didn't come with any, but it's the music that matters. Cheery indeed!

Angela, I never made the connection between "Toy House" and SSF2 Staff Roll, though I can hear what you're hearing. If anything, there are four notes in the refrain that remind me Whitney Houston's "I Wanna Dance With Somebody"... I can't unhear it sad And indeed, "Morning of Devil" is Demitri's castle theme... I always wanted to know whose portrait that is high on the wall.

Angela wrote:

VB, were you able to give a listen to those "Sports Club" tracks, too?  Do you agree with Super King's assessment?

I listened to it a couple of times, and while I think likening it to a Fisher Price keyboard is a bit harsh, I don't think any of it's going to stick with me. It's pleasant enough, and is well-suited for its purpose of providing atmosphere--reminds me of Super Mario Kart at points, not particularly melodically strong but catchy. It's very Latin-flavored, predominantly salsa or samba (replete with that instrument that sounds like a whooping bird), particularly for the soccer/football section. Tennis tunes are more bossa-nova and basketball is sort of a mixture of all styles mentioned plus a hip urban Americatown beat.

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