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Jay Feb 1, 2008

Let's hope it's better than Musika. Worst five euros (or whatever it was) I ever spent.

XLord007 Feb 1, 2008

The art is nice, but it's all going to come down to the music and how well it plays.  What's interesting is how this is using the gameplay idea from the original Wii Music demo (wave baton to conduct).  Nintendo has reconfirmed Wii Music for a Japanese release this year, and while no one outside of Nintendo knows how the product has evolved since the early demo, I wonder which of these will release first and if one will steal the other's thunder.

shdwrlm3 Feb 1, 2008

Alliteration wins. The art only looks okay to me, though. The designs don't seem as unique or distinctive as PaRappa/Lammy art.

Idolores Feb 2, 2008

shdwrlm3 wrote:

Alliteration wins.

I was seriously gonna say that, but you beat me to it. sad

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