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BlindMonk Feb 20, 2008

I was exploring old SotW winners and came across the following track:

"V' BALL - SeaSide Walker (L.A. Theme).mp3"
(matched to this catalog entry:
# V'Ball
MECG-28002, 3/10/90, Murdoch, 2800)

Having grown up on the Super Spike V'Ball NES port of the game, this new knowledge of an arranged album out on the lam got my blood going.  I figure the person who originally had it to post can brandish the connection point with the rest of the album, yes?  This album appears non-existent everywhere else.

Jodo Kast Feb 20, 2008

I had an original roughly 3 years ago. I think I paid around $40, after all the extra fees. For some reason, I absolutely do not remember the music like I do with other video games. I played the game quite often when I was younger, but I have no recollection of the songs. The music reminds me of Waverace 64 more than anything else, oddly.

the_miker Mar 1, 2008

I just got this album in the mail today, finally!  Been looking for a reasonably priced copy for ages!  I paid about 40 bucks for mine too, after all the fees and stuff.  WELL worth the money if you're a fan of the game or this style of music.  There aren't any on YJA at the moment but some guy puts the same one up every week lately for an insane 200 bucks or something like that.  Keep watching YJA for a better auction and you'll get lucky.  I did!

Oh yeah by the way, it's published by Meldac, not Murdoch. wink


DreamerNL Mar 2, 2008

great album indeed....I got the lossless encodings from jodo kast years ago in a cdr trade. Almost all of the meldac albums rule, I love the sax in them.

the_miker Mar 2, 2008

DreamerNL wrote:

I love the sax in them.

Amen!  Mitsuru Kanekuni is the man behind the sax on V'BALL and DOUBLE DRAGON II The Revenge.  He may have done sax work on other Meldac albums but nothing seems to be documented anywhere.  Anyway, he also played sax on a couple Tokimeki Memorial CDs and more recently, Wild Arms Music the Best -rocking heart- (track 17).  His band, Beat Nuts, has a web site ( with some music samples up.  Check them out if you're a fan of his sax work, for sure.

His personal site:


BlindMonk Mar 3, 2008 (edited Mar 3, 2008)

Thanks for the replies!  Someone on GFF gave me a link for the timebeing.

What a fun album!  I was really tickled by the vocal version of the Chicago theme ("Sea Breeze Hero") and I thought it worked pretty well.

XISMZERO Mar 3, 2008 (edited Mar 3, 2008)

Miker says his website claims Kanekuni was evident on three of the Meldac releases: Double Dragon II, V'Ball and... Nekketsu Highschool Dodgeball (Kunio's Soccer)? On Kunio's Soccer, he must've ran under the pseudonym "Egg Man," and with all respect to one of my favorite lesser known sax men, knowing what Kanekuni looks like, this seems to match his description!

Sadly, Egg Man only performed some smokin' sax work on the (ready for this one...) "Copulation" track.

V'Ball is indeed a classic that I've kept on my soundtrack for years now. It's an album that emerged out of the 1990's frontier of experimental, fun and plentiful age of game music arranging.

sacocats Mar 4, 2008

Could I get a link to this album and/or the Kunio Soccer one or even the Double Dragon 3/Combatribes album?  I just stumbled upon this thread via google search...I've had the Sound of Double Dragon and arranged Double Dragon 2 soundtrack for years upon years but I never knew about other arranged Technos music (beside the DD3/Combatribes).  I have no idea how to obtain these otherwise, so I come asking for links...sorry.

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