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Daniel K Mar 2, 2008 (edited Mar 2, 2008)

Wow, I just re-discovered this album in my mp3 collection. I remember listening to it a lot "back in the day", but then I sold it and kind of forgot about it for a few years. Never imagined it would hold up so well. Anyone else a fan of this?

The one I'm talking about is Tamamayu Monogatari OST (Jade Cocoon), by Kimitaka Matsumae. I don't know how best to describe it, I guess "ethereal" would work, but it doesn't have the slow meandering feeling you usually associate with that. Lots of drums, lots of lush, vibrant synth sounds, lots of melodies, etc. Different aspects of this album remind me of a lot of different things: various Panzer Dragoon soundtracks, Dewprism, Pocky And Rocky (mainly thinking of some of the melodies), SaGa Frontier II (without the piano and with lots of more drums), etc. Also brings to mind Dead Can Dance, if anyone's heard of them (especially their "Spirit Chaser" album). I can off the top of my head not think of a soundtrack that better creates a "jungle atmosphere" than this one (no, not even DKC).

Matsumae is an interesting guy. Started out at Sega, been around for a long time, done a lot of different projects. Did you know he was even one of the composers for Forbidden Siren? Quite the change in atmosphere from Jade Cocoon. Crazy.

EDIT: Just noticed that .59 has this CD up for sale. I'd say that €10 is a very reasonable price for an album this rare (and good)...

the_miker Mar 2, 2008

I've always been a fan of Kimitaka Matsumae, from his Sega S.S.T. Band days to Kileak, the Jade Cocoon series, Vegas Stakes (SNES), and all his recent work on arranged albums.  I actually mentioned him in this thread a couple weeks ago.  As for the Tamamayu Monogatari OST, yeah, it's definitely an awesome CD to sit back and relax to.  I highly recommend Kileak as well.  You've probably never heard of it but man it's a treat.

His VGMdb entry: (he's even done some beatmania!)


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