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Ashley Winchester Mar 2, 2008

I figured this would be the best place to ask this: What do you think of CN's Adult Swim?

I'm not talking about the shows per say but the overall attitude I get from the bumps. When I started watching in 2003 I thought the bumps were very clever but over the years they have degraded into two predicable formulas:

a) someone says something bad about Adult Swim or show = revenge strike back

b) someone kisses Adult Swim's ass with a related picture = glowing review of said item

I don't find their answers to "type a" that amusing because sometimes people do bring up good points... for example, the amount of time they devoted pitching the Aqua Teen Movie DVD release was simply overkill. Don't even get me started on how they showed the movie before showing it in theaters when it was in a microscopic box in the corner... I'm not a fan but that was really is insulting to me a viewer becuase I knew they had to be up to something stupid.

...but it seems to be the "cool" thing to hate Adult Swim now, even if you watch the shows that air. I'm just curious as to why...

Datschge Mar 2, 2008

Wow, what's up here? o.O

Zorbfish Mar 3, 2008

I think I started around that time as well; maybe a bit later in '04 when Bebop was aired.

Well they just cater exactly to the audience they drawn in- angsty teenagers with nothing better to do than bitch. They're on their way to being the MTV of cartoons.

With Futurama gone, as well as most of their old original shows, there's very little left worth watching anyway... they've killed Family Guy. I'm surprised anime is still even being played.

The movie trick was on April Fool's so I don't think it was that big of a deal. I laughed the next day when I realized that's what it must have been.

Megavolt Mar 3, 2008

I have no opinion on the 'bumps'.

But just to participate, I used to watch it somewhat regularly when they showed Cowboy Bebop, though I've never really been a loyal fan.  It's something that I may or may not catch depending on the show.  I do owe it for sparking my interest in Futurama and GitS: SAC, but I never had any interest in original shows like Aqua Teen, Squidbillies, and whatever other crazy stuff they have on there.  Actually, that's not entirely true, as I did like Harvey Birdman.

Ryu Mar 3, 2008

I like a few of the shows, Moral Orel, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, the departed Harvey Birdman, and ESPECIALLY Venture Bros.  I don't aim to watch it, and end up rarely watching it.  It has always been like that too, so I can't comment on the history of its bumps.

Kirin Lemon Mar 3, 2008

Frisky Dingo is slowly taking over Home Movies' title of "Best Adult Swim Show Ever."

jb Mar 3, 2008

I don't watch dubbed anime, only thing on Adult Swim that I watch is Aqua Teen Hunger Force, because it's amazing. <3 Jersey Carl lol

Zane Mar 3, 2008

I used to watch Adult Swim regularly back in 2002 or so, but I haven't caught it in a long time. I don't even know what shows are on anymore. That said, I used to love ATHF and Sealab.

jb wrote:

<3 Jersey Carl lol

Seriously! Best supporting character ever.

absuplendous Mar 3, 2008

Here's the part where I get ostracized from the community--the only shows I regularly watched were Tom Goes to the Mayor and Tim & Awesome Show Great Job!. Some of the other shows I've enjoyed, like Venture Bros. and Harvey Birdman (though I prefer his characterization in Space Ghost Coast to Coast), but I rarely made a point of tuning in. The rest generally didn't appeal to me or angered me. tongue

shdwrlm3 Mar 3, 2008

I used to love Harvey Birdman and Sealab, but for the life of me I could never get into ATHF. There's just something disconcerting about a talking wad of meat.

I don't watch regularly anymore, but I thought the bumps they showed during the final Futurama marathon were hilarious.

csK Mar 4, 2008 (edited Mar 4, 2008)

I don't really no what bumps are... so,...

The Boondocks is the best show I've ever seen, period.

But I get watch episodes on-line, so it may not be all that related to Adult Swim.  I remember thinking that Harvey Birdman show was pretty alright.  I also really liked Space Ghost C2C, but probably that was before Adult Swim's time?

Ashley Winchester Sep 22, 2010

To resurrect an old thread from the grave... does anyone else like Delocated and Children's Hospital? Personally, I don't like either and the ridiculous amount of time they spend plugging these shows makes me hate them - and the channel - even more.

Also, chalk up another Aqua Teen convert. Don't know when, don't know how but it's the reason I tune in anymore. Would definitely like to nab up some of the box sets for Christmas or after Christmas if I can get a good deal.

Also, love how Robot Chicken gets an Emmy after it starts going downhill - post Season 2.

Bernhardt Sep 22, 2010 (edited Sep 22, 2010)

Robot Chicken, I still like, but honestly, I don't watch a whole lot of TV anymore...definitely not Cartoon Network, Comedy Central, nothing. Not even South Park...

Adult Swim, and Cartoon Network in general, have really been going downhill for some time now, as far as I'm concerned, especially since they refuse to show anime anymore.

A lot of things on CN and Comedy Central, I only used to just watch, after coming home tired at night, from classes or whatever job I used to have...I've actually got more energy to do other things these days, instead of TV. Like video games! Or anime! Hey, some anime actually requires you to pay attention, in order to get anything out of it...

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