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lordskylark May 11, 2008 (edited May 11, 2008)

These are from the japanese version, so they are not obstructed by voices, though some do have some SFX.

(the urls should be those entire lines - not where the text cuts off) Kusabue A.mp3 Kusabue B.mp3 Reassume Delita.mp3 Ovelia and Delita A.mp3 Ovelia and Delita B.mp3 Delita Musing.mp3

I'm going to try to get this unreleased track stuff started soon. I thought I'd provide these though since I just got them.


Chris May 11, 2008 (edited May 11, 2008)

Hey, nice to see your webspace is working. If people just copy and paste the links, they'll work.

Do you happen to know if an arranger was credited to these tracks?

KujaFFman May 11, 2008

Thank you for this. I like the simplicity of these arrangements, they definitely fit the somber tone of the plot. The piano version of Ovelia's theme is stunning...

No name is given in the booklet of the game, and I have not finished the remake so I don't know who arranged and/or performed these pieces.

Datschge May 11, 2008

As stated in the previous FFT PSP thread the arrangements were done by someone at Monaca.

Chris May 12, 2008

Datschge wrote:

As stated in the previous FFT PSP thread the arrangements were done by someone at Monaca.

I read this before, but thanks for providing the initial confirmation. I guess there is no individual credits then...

Skylark, I can announce the hosted site whenever you feel like you've put enough on there. It's nice and easy to use at the moment. If you ever wanted to spruce it up, I can help, but it's fine as it is as well.

lordskylark May 12, 2008

Go ahead and announce it whenever you want to. There's enough on it at the moment. I pretty much have almost everything I have uploaded. Then I'll have to finish up a couple projects I had with other stuff and add those in the future.


Datschge May 12, 2008

If their staff page is any indication there are not many possibilities of who could have done the FFT PSP arrangements. (中矢博元 looks like a good fit description wise.)

KujaFFman May 12, 2008

The name is Hiromoto Nakaya.

Chris May 12, 2008

What makes him more likely to be the arranger than the other musician listed?

Datschge May 12, 2008

Why not just look at the staff roll instead guessing if it's this important?

It only mentions two sound related people, Hiroshi Nakajima (a known TOSE sound editor) as sound editor in the development section, and Keiichi Okabe for sound effects (likely including music as that's not credited separately) in the movie section.

allyourbaseare May 14, 2008

Hey, thanks for these!!  Always looking to fill those few cracks in my Masashi Hamauzu collection.

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