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Nick G Mar 20, 2006

This is easily the most visually and sonically realistic game I've ever played. It also posseses the most cinematic soundtrack I've ever heard in a game. I said the same thing to myself playing Halo years ago but it feels like I'm playing a movie. I could barely read the credits but I think the composer's name is Tom Solta. Does he do most of the composing for the Tom Clancy games?

SlavikCC Mar 20, 2006

Bill Brown ( does most of the score for the Tom Clancy games.  Some guys from the metal band, Fear Factory (one of my favourite bands), composed the soundtrack for Rainbow Six:Lockdown.

Alex Mar 22, 2006

Bill Brown has done a lot of the Tom Clancy games (minus Splinter Cell), but the composer this time around is Tom Salta (  I haven't played Ghost Recon myself, but the two samples on Salta's page sound very good.  I wish he hadn't mixed so much electronic stuff in with the live orchestra, but it's still high quality music.  Music 4 Games also did a short article ( … ghter.html).  I hope they release a soundtrack, but Ubisoft isn't too good about that these days.  At least a promo soundtrack, maybe?

Nick G Mar 22, 2006

Thanks for the info! Yes, a soundtrack release would be great!

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