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Cedille Jul 9, 2008 (edited Jul 9, 2008)

Well, we need a dedicated thread to this, instead of bumping up last year's.

It's confirmed Wild Arms series is finally on the show program list, and Michiko Naruke is going to orchestrate it herself (even with a whistler and a guitarist).

Amazingu Jul 17, 2008

Sucks that they ain't coming to Osaka this year though (>_<)

Adam Corn Jul 19, 2008

And in less than three and a half hours, tickets have sold out. neutral

xanadujin Jul 21, 2008

Yeah no Osaka this year?  What the heck.  Ah well, guess I'll just have to forgo this one.

- Justin Pfeiffer

Cogo Sep 14, 2008 (edited Sep 14, 2008)

If anyone here attended the concert, please give us a report smile

I am so happy that Wild Arms finally got attention on a game music concert. Michiko Naruke deserves it.

Cogo Sep 15, 2008 (edited Sep 17, 2008)

A big thank you to Jeriaska for a great report. I'm impressed with the diversity of tunes and think there were some really good choices in there. Great that Mega Man and Wild Arms finally got the orchestra treatment. With all the great composers attending and so many good compositions, I would have loved to be in Japan yesterday...

A Press Start world tour would have been nice.

xanadujin Sep 15, 2008

Dang, that sounds like a much better show than last year.  Too bad I couldn't make it. (>_<)  Nice report though.

- Justin Pfeiffer

Amazingu Sep 16, 2008 (edited Sep 16, 2008)

xanadujin wrote:

Dang, that sounds like a much better show than last year.

Remember we filled out that questionnaire at the end, and we both wrote we wanted to hear some Rockman and Sonic themes?
Seems like they listened to us big_smile

They have GOT to release this in some form or other!

kosmos Sep 17, 2008

There is no official release on CD for the 2006 and 2007 concerts, right?.

Cedille Sep 17, 2008

As for 2006 and 2007, they didn't record it to begin with (rumors say this time they DID though).

I hope a 2009 concert will focus on the composers who haven't been featured so far, rather than these SSBB arrangers again.

Revoc Sep 20, 2008 (edited Sep 20, 2008)

In these blog I found a photo of concert program... … 46585.html

The picture is terrible, but someone could identify who arrange (編曲) the Wild Arms piece with Michiko Naruke (なるけ みちこ)? … b6d498.JPG

I identify all others arrangers, by the way:

Act I

01 – Wild Arms: Michiko Naruke / ?
02 – Super Mario Galaxy: Mahito Yokota
03 – Spelunker: Nobuyuki Nakamura
04 – Ace Attorney: Noriyuki Iwadare
05 – Samurai Shodown: Nobuyuki Nakamura
06 – Uematsu’s Medley: Shogo Sakai
07 – Monster Hunter: Shiro Hamaguchi

Act II

01 – Baten Kaitos: Nobuyuki Nakamura
02 – Touch! Generations Medley: Shogo Sakai
03 – Ys: Kousuke Yamashita
04 – Professor Layton: Shuhei Kamimura
05 – Mega Man 2: Kazuhiko Toyama
06 – Final Fantasy IX: Shiro Hamaguchi

Cedille Sep 20, 2008

It's Natsumi Kameoka (亀岡夏美).

Nice to see she is becoming a big name. I suspect she'll end up working on even more major titles, like, FFXIII Versus.

Chris Sep 21, 2008

Neat.  Do you happen to have arranger credits for earlier Press Start concerts, Revoc (or anyone else)?

Revoc Sep 21, 2008 (edited Sep 30, 2008)

Actually, Chris, I was thinking to send the arrangers list for you:

Press Start 2006 ~Symphony of Games~

Act I

1 – Metal Gear Solid 2: Harry Gregson-Williams (arrange) / Kousuke Yamashita (orchestration)
2 – Puzzle Medley: Nobuyuki Nakamura
3 – PoPoLoCrois Story: Nobuyuki Nakamura
4 – Mother Medley: Shogo Sakai
5 – OutRun "Splash Wave": Kazuhiko Toyama
6 – Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner: Kazuhiko Toyama
7 – Ys Medley: Kousuke Yamashita

Act II

1 – Romancing SaGa: Kenji Ito
2 – Monster Hunter: Shiro Hamaguchi
3 – ICO: Michiru Oshima
4 – Namco Arcade Medley: Kazuhiko Toyama
5 – The Legend of Zelda Medley: Mahito Yokota
6 – Final Fantasy Main Theme: Shiro Hamaguchi
7 – Super Smash Bros. Brawl Main Theme: Shogo Sakai

Press Start 2007 ~Symphony of Games~

Act I

1 – Super Smash Bros. Brawl Main Theme: Shogo Sakai
2 – LocoRoco: Kazuhiko Toyama
3 – Actraiser Medley: Kazuhiko Toyama*
4 – Shooting Medley: Nobuyuki Nakamura
5 – Ace Combat Zero “Zero”: Kazuhiko Toyama
6 – Shadow of the Colossus: Kazuhiko Toyama
7 – Fire Emblem: Shogo Sakai

Act II

1 – ghm sound team / H.
2 – Chrono Trigger: Nobuyuki Nakamura**
3 – The Elders Scrolls IV Oblivion: Jeremy Soule
4 – Super Smash Bros. Medley: Keiichi Oku
5 – Castlevania Medley: Keiichi Oku
6 – Sakura Wars: Yasuhiro Misawa
7 – Kingdom Hearts: Nobuyuki Nakamura
8 – The Legend of Zelda Medley: Mahito Yokota
9 – Final Fantasy VII “OWA”: Shiro Hamaguchi / Kenichiro Fukui

* Strangely, according to Yuzo Koshiro's website, Actraiser suite was arranged by Koshiro himself:

**The arrange is exactly the same of Orchestral Game Concert 5, but in the OGC5 the arrange is credited to Kosuke Onozaki... … ert5.shtml

By the way, Press Start 2007 concert was performed by Press Start Gadget Orchestra, not Tokyo City Philharmonic Orchestra. And the Press Start 2007 Chorus sang in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, LocoRoco, Ace Combat Zero, Fire Emblem, and FFVII pieces. wink … 2007.shtml

Ordim Sep 21, 2008

Revoc wrote:

3 – Actraiser Medley: Kazuhiko Toyama*

* Strangely, according to Yuzo Koshiro's website, Actraiser suite was arranged by Koshiro himself:

His list is not 100% complete, but the suite was arranged by himself indeed (and orchestrated by Adam Klemens), for the Second Symphonic Game Music Concert (Germany) in 2004. … ic_Concert

The version performed at the Press Start concert is exactly the same.

Revoc Sep 21, 2008

Good point, Ordim.

I forgot: Ken Nishikiori and Oriko Takahashi sang in Brawl and Fire Emblem pieces, and only Oriko in "Zero".

Chris Sep 22, 2008

This is fantastic information. Thank you, Revoc and Seanne. I'll update my information tonight. Hmm, why have I never seen Yuzo Koshiro's official page before even though I've visited Ancient's website several times! Think the only thing new in there is Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 3 DX though.

Revoc Sep 22, 2008 (edited Sep 22, 2008)

You're welcome, Chris.

Hey, Ordim, did you notice that Yuzo Koshiro's website was updated? Press Start was excluded and the Second Symphonic Game Music Concert was added. Did you send an e-mail to him?

Revoc Nov 2, 2008

I found interesting things of Press Start 2008 performance in Shangai...

The set list is different, without Nintendo pieces (Super Mario Galaxy, Touch! Generations Medley and Baten Kaitos), and with segments already played in japanese past editions:

First half
1. Monster Hunter
2. Mega Man 2
3. Professor Layton
4. Samurai Shodown
5. Ninja Warriors
6. Nobuo Early Works
7. Zone of the Enders 2nd Runner
8. Ys
9. Sonic

Second half
1. Wild Arms
2. Spelunker
3. Shadow of the Colossus
4. ICO
5. Castlevania
6. Gyakuten Saiban
7. Chrono Trigger & Cross
8. Final Fantasy 9 Melodies Of Life (Vo: English ver.) FF9

1. LocoRoco
2. Final Fantasy Main Theme
3. "One-Winged Angel" (FFVII)

Some photos:

Besides, I found some videos and even a bootleg (incomplete and with terrible quality, though)!

Bootleg (in the pink link of the first post of this forum). At 11:11 you can hear Mega Man 2 medley! … o=lastpost


LocoRoco + Final Fantasy Main Theme:

Melodies of Life:

Carl Nov 2, 2008

Thanks for linking to the 1 hour bootleg, even though it's utterly craptastic.  smile

00:00 ~ 01:20  Monster Hunter
11:11 ~ 17:04  Megaman 2 (Crashman probably sounded the best)
17:32 ~ 21:40  Professor Layton
23:34 ~ 27:26  Samurai Spirits (awesome)
27:49 ~ 29:06  Ninja Warriors (completely by Shamisen only!?! Kicks major ass!!)
33:03 ~ 40:35  Uematsu Early Works Medley
43:52 ~ 48:53  ZOE 2nd Runner (can barely hear a damn thing)
50:09 ~ 54:20  Ys Medley
54:40 ~ 59:06  Sonic Medley (different songs than PLAY Symphony ver)

Angela Nov 6, 2008

Dude..... Naruke looks just like my mom here. o_O

Carl Nov 10, 2008

Seems that AZA artist management is patrolling for PS 2008 media.

I had re-posted the Shanghai video on Youtube, but it was auto removed today per an infringement request from カンパニーAZA.  It's still up at Tudou though, so perhaps they aren't as responsive as youtube is about takedown requests.

Revoc Nov 10, 2008

I noticed the video that was deleted in YouTube, Carl. But, fortunately, the user lidsnake of Tudou uploaded the FULL recording (in audio) of the Press Start 2008 in Shanghai. I ripped all 20 tracks and here it’s the link.

The quality isn’t good as the bootlegs of the Japanese editions shared by your friend, but surely is much better than the all those horrendous recordings, and is very enjoyable.

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