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Nick G Aug 3, 2008 (edited Aug 3, 2008)

Love this game's soundtrack. The first stage bgm reminds me of Ketsui's stage 5 theme. Anyone seen an MP3 rip around? I thought the songs would be somewhere in the game's folder but nope. I found out about the remix album while looking for it so that was cool.

*Edit* - I guess I meant to say "game rip" in the subject header, my bad.

McCall Aug 4, 2008 (edited Sep 10, 2012)


Nick G Aug 4, 2008 (edited Aug 4, 2008)

McCall wrote:

HELLSINKER!!!! big_smile

Such a great game.

I do know you have to rip the files from within another file inside the game's folder. I'll see if I still have the rip around, or recall how to do it...

Also, I had no clue there was a remix album. Just heard a clip, sounds incrediblez. Thanks for the tip. big_smile

Awesome! I didn't know that could be done! I would've tried a line-out rip to my cd recorder but I'm lucky if I can get to stage 3 most of the time. That games is hards!

Yeah, the remix sample sounds great. Having Jerold get. And you gotta love the seemingly random capitalization of letters in some of these doujin titles (ie., Without reStraint):)

Nick G Aug 9, 2008

Hey McCall, any luck?

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