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Bernhardt Sep 7, 2008

Found samples @ RPG Fan:

But still I'm left with questions: Should I really bother?

I mean, I liked the Valkyrie Profile 2 ~ Silmeria (Original Soundtrack) just enough; Lord knows I like Sakuraba's music, but do the Arrange Album tracks really differ all that much from the OST?

And, is the Vocal Mix album worth it? Never really ever picked up the SO3 Voice Mix; when I first sampled it, I liked it, but I came back to it some time later, and couldn't stand it...

Chris Sep 8, 2008

The arranged album is often conservative in the sense that it sticks closely to the originals. However, it's a simplification to call it an 'enhanced best of' unlike, say, the Disgaea arranged albums. A lot of the tracks are more elaborate and creative than their originals. Particular highlights are the opener, the closing medley, and "Junk Modulation + One Error Begets Another". I also think it manages to combine the rock and symphonic sides of the soundtrack well. Out of all the Valkyrie Profile 2 albums, this is the one I listen to the most since it has most of my favourites and isn't exhausting to listen to. If you want to know my thoughts in more detail, you know where to look.

I don't listen to Voice Mix Albums, but what I've read is that they're a select taste and the enjoyment is greatly enhanced by understanding Japanese. Some have said that Valkyrie Profile is the best such album and something of a masterpiece whereas Star Ocean 3 and Valkyrie Profile 2 were regressions.

GoldfishX Sep 8, 2008 (edited Sep 8, 2008)

I skimmed it and really didn't notice much of a difference. I'd say get it if you want to hear your favorite VP2 tracks with a couple different passages thrown in , but consider it a total waste of time otherwise. It's certainly not up to par with the VP1 Arrange (or Star Ocean 2 or Blue Sphere...or Star Ocean Sound Collection or Shining: The Holy Ark).

Edit: I did try to enjoy the Voice Mix albums (well, VP1's and SO3's...I didn't like the original material of VP2 enough to bother), but they never quite clicked with me. I've probably seen the most praise for SO3's overall though.

Smeg Sep 8, 2008

I don't understand the lukewarm responses in this thread. The VP2 Arrange is by far my favorite Sakuraba album. It's epic, intense and bombastic, all the things you'd want to hear from Sakuraba (if you want to hear anything at all from him). Disturb the Doubtful Sleep is conspicuously missing, but then I suppose it would be pretty tough to improve upon.

Voice Mix albums are not vocal albums in the traditional sense. They're arrangements featuring heavy use of voice acting samples straight from the game. I find them weird and not at all engaging, but Bloody Panic from the VP1 Voice Mix was pretty great.

KujaFFman Sep 8, 2008

I think "Junk Modulation + One Error Begets Another" is the most gorgeous arrangement of the album. Sakuraba transformed the two original pieces into a single one, and the result is simply amazing. I agree, however, on the fact that it is probably a shame his "recent" arrange albums are so close from the soundtracks, but I am definitely looking forward to Valkyrie Profile DS Arrange Album.

GoldfishX Sep 8, 2008

Smeg wrote:

I don't understand the lukewarm responses in this thread.

The pieces sound too much like the originals and I was indifferent to too many of the originals to begin with. That's my end of it, anyway. On it's own (without considering source material), I greatly prefer VP1 and SO2's arranges.

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