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Idolores Sep 21, 2008

So anyone ever hear a song and totally mishear the lyrics?

Like in Nelly Furtado's Maneater song, where she says "Makes you want more of her love"? I heard "Makes you want more buffalo".

Tell me of instances where you mishear the lyrics of a song to humorous effect!

Ashley Winchester Sep 21, 2008

There are two I can think of:

The latest Sonata Arctica album I though Tony Kakko said "now I will read you fairytales" in the song Black and White when he really says "now I will hit you were it hurts"

and a more comedic one:

In the Dream Evil song Heavy Metal in the Night it sound like the singer says "the circumcised" when he really says "the serpent's eyes." My mother even questioned this one when she heard it when causally passing by as I was playing it one day. Really does sound like "circumcised" though.

A famous one would be "Blinded by the Light" where "duce" sounds like "douche"

SonicPanda Sep 21, 2008

Apparently the words were: Bailamos, let the rhythm take you over, bailamos.

What I heard was: By the moat, let the river take you over by the moat.

Ramza Sep 22, 2008

There's a "talk"-style song from indie-Christian punk/ska band Five Iron Frenzy called "Vultures." It's about materialism/consumerism taking over our lives. There's a line where they say

"and the beautiful ming China"

and pretty much everyone I play it for is convinced they say

"and the beautiful Vagina"


jmj20320514 Sep 22, 2008

This thread makes me want more buffalo.

SquareTex Sep 22, 2008

While there are several, here's one I've always been particularly fond of:

"Would I Lie To You" by the Eurythmics. smile

The line is SUPPOSED to be:
"Believe me...I'll make it, make it!"

But to many ears, it seems like:
"Believe me...I'm naked, naked!"

Of course, that may have just been wishful thinking... wink

Idolores Dec 4, 2011

Joan Jett's "I Love Rock and Roll".

She says "Put another dime in the jukebox baby", but I hear "Rolling up a dime with Tupac's Baby"

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