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Zane Sep 30, 2008

Wow. I just got this disc several days ago and it is AWESOME! It's a great mix of techno/electronica/chip music arranges from Psyvariar and Psyvariar 2. Notable arrangers are Manabu Namiki and WASi303... but almost every track on here is incredible. I highly recommend this disc - it's hard to nail down tracks to listen to, but I'd recommend "Boss #01 -Summer DSP mix-", "Earth -bh's trance mix" and "City -kishima P.M.P. mix-". Hell, I recommend the whole damn album.

Carl Sep 30, 2008

Oh yeah, it's a total 5-Star disc.

I was pretty blown away by it, and each of the tracks have their own strongpoints and unique approach, even though it's all electronica/chiptune/techno styles in general.
It's very hard to put out an Arranged Compilation where ALL tracks are winners, but Hally over at EGG Music (and did a damn fine job producing it.

It's available at Play-asia and … -2zjz.html

Nick G Sep 30, 2008

Totally, man. When I listen to it I can't help but wish that a similar approach had been taken with the Rockman 9 OST. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy R9 in all its old-school glory. I just love the combination of chip tones with modern synths on "THE MIX". I'm still not sure I dig the playing of Namiki's guitarist. He's good, though.

ThunderForce IV fans need to check out "Asteroid -N'th driven mix-" by chibi-tech. That's just straight-up old-school right there.

McCall Sep 30, 2008 (edited Sep 10, 2012)


CHz Sep 30, 2008

Opening -VOID Mix- blew me out of my chair and into the wall 15 feet behind me first time I listened to it. Got my fill of FM guitar from that track and chibi-tech's, let me tell you.

Namiki still rules as well, but that's not exactly breaking news.

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