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xanadujin Oct 9, 2008 (edited Oct 10, 2008)

Just a heads up to let everyone know we've finished the Video Interview with Go Sato (Raiden composer) and uploaded it with English subtitles to our CocoeBiz Channel on Youtube.  Check it out.

On the topic of Go Sato, how many out there are familiar with his music?  Honestly, I had never given a thought or heard any music from Raiden until news of Raiden IV came out and I heard the BGM in the DVD promo video.  I've been able to track down some of his music and what I've heard has been simply amazing.  Seriously, I think he was born to make shooter music. 

These two tracks from Raiden III Perfect Sound Track, Lightning Strikes and Dawn of Sorrow, are, in my mind, the epitome of "video game music."  For example, if you had to choose one track to represent "video game music" to the world, what would you choose?  I suppose it depends on your own personal definition, but I may have to choose one of these two tracks out of everything.  They are electronic, tastefully synthy, and the melody carries itself in a way that is very indigenous to game music.  For example, the 1:07 mark of Lightning Strikes, with that ascending chord progression.  It is a somewhat common progression in Japanese game music that has a sound very native to VGM.  You might compare this to something like blue notes in jazz perhaps.  Anyone ever notice these VGM-only melody tendencies?

- Justin Pfeiffer

Dragon God Oct 10, 2008

Great picks !

I have the Raiden IV OST here and I'm completely blown away by how good it is. Having live guitars plus having really catchy melodies really makes it stand out from the crowd. Also... to all Raiden music fans, this is like the ultimate remix CD as it contains amazing renditions of classic themes from Raiden, Raiden II, Raiden DX and Raiden III.

Yeah, Raiden II~III and Viper Phase 1 had already converted me to a Go Sato fan, but what's on Raiden IV simply reinforces that appreciation and respect I have for him now.

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