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Jodo Kast Nov 8, 2008

I haven't yet heard the remastered versions contained here:

I have heard the difference between the Vagrant Story soundtracks, so I know it can be worth it to purchase remastered albums.

Jodo Kast Nov 9, 2008

Carl wrote:

Guess posting some direct comparison tracks would be the best way to answer that. 
It's more noticeable in RayForce since that's older, not as much difference in RayCrisis which is newer.



Well, that answered my question. The difference here is marginal but noticeable. With Vagrant Story the difference struck me as significant. Regardless, I'll need to get this, since the Ray series gets a lot of playtime. Thanks!

TerraEpon Nov 9, 2008

The only difference seems to be that volume to me...

(which may not be a good thing)

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