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Chris Nov 12, 2008

Some more nice information and insight here.

Ramza Nov 15, 2008

lolol M4G vs OSV go!!!

"Music4Games Staff" is my favorite writer. tongue

Zorbfish Nov 15, 2008

Yah, STC has turned into a bit of a link dump lately...

Bernhardt Nov 15, 2008 (edited Nov 15, 2008)

Definitely have my interest in the game, though I can't help thinking it looks like an unfinished product compared to some other games (that's just my own opinion, though).

Like the theme song in the ads, though, so a soundtrack purchase MIGHT be possible, if the rest of the soundtrack's decent enough.

D-loads @ AMZN MP3: … 6&sr=102-1

Has more than 6 songs, apparently...unless they're duplicate entries.

Ramza Nov 16, 2008

It's just some digital-exclusive bonus tracks they have listed there I think.

Adam Corn Dec 5, 2008

Finally got around to reviewing the remix album.  Short version - get the Teddybears remix if you're into dance music at all, along with the Paul Van Dyk one if you're into trance.

The North American MP3 album releases (including Amazon) are just padded with radio edits.  I haven't heard any of the radio edits but it seems an obvious attempt to get people to pay more for the full album release without adding much substance.  Really the Paul Van Dyk mix is the only one in need of an edit since it is a bit long in full form.

In any case I recommend downloading the best tracks individually.

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