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Alcahest Mar 31, 2006 (edited Mar 31, 2006)

Hey All,
I'll provide the iso and my fullest gratitude ^^; to anyone willing to rip a PSF set out of Philosoma (very old psx shooter not sold anymore, music by Otani Kow).
I looked into it and it's nothing standard I could possibly work with.
The main program is called PSX.EXE (seen that before?) so it's old and the SEQ files are embedded in .BIN files.
If any PSF wizard wants to try his luck (and dedicate apparently a lot of time onto it)...


oddigy Mar 31, 2006 (edited Mar 31, 2006 by Amber)

If there are seq files, chances are it uses the standard PS1 driver.
Grab davironica's EZPSF rip kit and see if you can manage to rip it. ;D
Not too hard, the instructions are pretty easy... the hardest part is isolating the data.

Alcahest Apr 1, 2006 (edited Apr 1, 2006)

Hi Amber, Thanks for your reply.
I followed daveronica's tutorial and even managed to create a .minipsf but it's just blank apparently hmm
I think I managed to rip the SEQ and the VAG header (vh) OK from the .BIN but i don't think my VAG body (vb) is correct because i don't know how the file is supposed to end.
The .BIN i worked from contains one SEQ, one VAB, but many VAGs. hmm
I have posted the package here:
If you can give me any clue on how a VAG body is supposed to "end", then i think it will work.
(this is the only BIN file from the CD with VAG and VABS, all the other .BIN apparently only contain just one SEQ)
See you,


edit: corrected some stuffs.

Alcahest Apr 1, 2006 (edited Apr 2, 2006)

arg, i just found an old message from the psf mailing list about Philo, it reads:

> Oh dear, looks like you have a custom driver there. Occasionally you
> get  games where not even low level spu calls are identified. Either
> the lib version was < 3.7 (or > 4.6) or the game programmers decided
> to "reinvent the wheel".

I'm going to still try to do it by using sigfind to find the start & end of VAG files.


Ok, sigfind doesn't work _at all_ like i thought it would. ^^
Besides, Philosoma using a custom driver, even if i managed to properly extract a VAG body, i don't think i could make it work with davironica's guide. oh noes.. hmm

Here are the reasons why i'm dying to get that soundtrack in a "listenable" form:

Imagine those without xa voices and sound effects!
(samples are mono but stereo in the game, pure delightment)
Listen to sample 1, 2, 3 or 6 if any (loving 1 here) smile

Alcahest Apr 4, 2006

The day has come. Yes, the day has finally come! big_smile
And I cannot express how totally, extremely, delighted I am guys big_smile
Thanks to CaitSith2, here is the PHILOSOMA PSF RIP!
You can grab it here : ( 1.6 megs / 18 tracks )
Feel free to mirror or redistribute it as long as the archive remains unchanged.
I urge you to check Phase 1-3, 3-0, 4-2 or 4-3!! I don't grasp how a human brain couldn't love them big_smile (and maybe I should stop crack too, you tell me ^^)
See you!


SquareTex Apr 5, 2006

That IS pretty catchy music. Thanks for bringing it to our attention! smile

Pity the tracks have to be so short, though...that custon driver must've been a pain to work with.

oddigy Apr 5, 2006

Hm, 4-2 sounds very Konami-esque.

Anyway, the site's up at my site.  It's part of the permanent archive now.  Thanks. :)

caitsith2 Apr 5, 2006

Not a custom driver at all.  In fact, all along, alcahest had the wrong vh/vb set for the sequence he was trying to play.  This game was in fact standard sony psyq seq format.

Bill C. Apr 5, 2006

Thank you both for your efforts, folks.  It's not a bad little soundtrack...kind of a faint Axelay vibe to it, but that's not a bad thing...

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