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GoldfishX Dec 13, 2008

So I saw the tracklist to this thing and on disc two, 36 out of 39 tracks had the word "Battle" or "Clash" in them...and the 3 tracks that didn't have those words were also battle themes. I gave it a listen and it didn't disappoint at all...Glorious, frantic oldschool symphonic synth-rock comes pouring out of literally every track on this disc. The synth orchestral instruments (no electric guitars, surprisingly enough...they'd fit right in) and frantic percussion/bass sound good too (I assume this is a DS game...Not quite as rich as Mitsuda's recent DS stuff, but it holds its' own) It blends together, especially with not having any familiarity with the game, but I'm also having problems picking favorites and I find myself repeating tracks a lot. More than once, something from this disc hits my iPod on random select and I end up replaying it quite a bit before moving on.

Disc 1 is okay and all (pretty typical oldschool non-battle RPG fare, albeit a couple of nice pieces in there, namely "Formation of Knights" and "Chronicle of the Prestigious Knights"), but man...Disc 2 is pure overkill in it's best form. And they all loop too. Definitely just shot to being my favorite release from this year.

Angela Dec 13, 2008

Sounds intriguing!  Any chance for some samples?

Angela Dec 13, 2008

Nice, thank you!  I'm getting a bit of a current-gen Castlevania vibe, but with more edge and variety.  I like how they change up the tempo and feel between the battle tracks.

Formation of Knights didn't do a thing for me, I'm afraid, but Clash with the Magic Swordsman Leonel is my favorite of the samples; love the techno beat and orchestral hits.  Really dig Battle at the Lagoon, too, but am I the only one hearing Ring Man's theme melody from Mega Man 4 in there?

GoldfishX Dec 14, 2008

Yeah, Leonel was probably the first thing to come to mind for the sampler. Not sure if it's my overall favorite, but it was definitely a no-brainer. Trust me though...Formation of Knights was the best I could do from disc 1. The bulk of the goods lay soundly on disc 2. Kinda like Cyber Org or Unlimited Saga, where the two styles are split (as opposed to being chronologic with the game).

And I'm an idiot...It's a Sting game. Considering how kickass Riviera was, I'm disappointed I missed this earlier.

Bernhardt Dec 14, 2008 (edited Dec 14, 2008)

GoldfishX wrote:

And I'm an idiot...It's a Sting game. Considering how kickass Riviera was, I'm disappointed I missed this earlier.

The rendition of the soundtrack that Sting did for the PS2 remake of Baroque was awesome, too. It's pretty much straight-up action-packed dungeon themes (since there are no separate tracks for battle).

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