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Carl Dec 15, 2008 (edited Dec 15, 2008)

Wow, this is when a blind purchase pays off and you discover a total gem!

This music has all the old-school compositional charm like early Namco, early FF, and early DQ titles did.

It's a playful and unique sound using all live instruments, but it doesn't aim for a professional orchestra sound, it's rather like a elementary grade-school band (using recorders, xylophone, tambourine, etc) so it's a childlike and fun sound which will remind you of youthful gaming days...

Even though I knew nothing about this game, based on the very first listen and looking through the packaging I'm already very impressed with this title and will now go look up some screenshots and gameplay videos. (trailer here)

The booklet is also fantastic, it's got:
-Individual Track by Track Composer Comments
-Photos of the Recording Session and the Instrument Performers
-Interview Questions with the Producer
-Full Staff and Credits List in English

Pretty much everything you can hope for in a booklet, nice job Aniplex!

allyourbaseare Dec 16, 2008

And here I thought I was the only one interested in the title!  I actually played through the first one on the psp despite no knowledge whatsoever of the japanese language.  Might you perhaps fill my request over at Gamingforce?  Please?? smile

Carl Dec 16, 2008


Do you still have the game?  Care to let me buy it for 20 bucks or so?

allyourbaseare Dec 16, 2008

I <3 you Carl smile  .... and about the game, I don't have an actual physical copy of the game.  I played it through *cough* other methods.  The second one looks tempting though and I might import it with some Christmas cash (hopefully).

Thomas Dec 16, 2008

The games are great fun, and can be enjoyed with no knowledge of Japanese (even though you miss many of the ingame jokes). All it takes is some trial and error or a simple faq explaining the basics.

Part 2 is available on the Japanese PSN store as a download for around 3000yen. Comes recommended!

Chris Dec 17, 2008

Thanks a lot. Composer did an awesome job leading Devil May Cry's animation score so check that out if you haven't already!

Ramza Dec 31, 2008

I saw you put up a story on this album for OSV. Good stuff!

Carl Dec 31, 2008

Yay for good stuff, this release really put Noisycroak on the charts for me.

allyourbaseare Apr 8, 2009

FYI, we're getting a localized release!!

NIS America is stepping up to the plate for this one and it looks like a July release.  I'm so excited!!

kratosauron0 Aug 30, 2009

Can someone please reupload the OST?

Thanks in advance!

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