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KungFuFurby Jan 11, 2009

Well, I'm here for track identification. You see, I dumped the complete SPC set for Down The World by continuing where Dais, the original dumper of this set, left off... and now I'm in the process of OST track identification. I do not know where to get the MP3s for this set at the moment...

The reason why I'm here is that I would like to know if anyone can identify these tracks on the OST to the corresponding SPC set... I dumped most of the complete SPC set, which includes the true insturmental version of the Opening (not the hacked one) and another 28 tracks by me, making the grand total 53.

Download the complete SPC set

I did the rest of the timing for each track after this, but not much else.

...I'm aiming for the OST track identification mainly because it was partially done by Dais, and that I plan on finishing the job for OST track identification. Track ordering will not reflect the OST, but there will be track numbers... I did this for Yuu Yuu Hakusho - Tokubetsu Hen, which is now on, although with a timing error related to the person that updated the site. That's fine by me... ^_^ I do indeed have a tagger for the Mac.

About half the tracks should be on the OST if my calculations are correct... there was never a second volume, so only about half of them are getting OST track idenitifications...

...believe me. I am finishing what was started, and I could use some assistance for the last part. I do not tag my stuff using the tagger until all the other stuff is finished, which includes OST track identification.

Teioh Jan 13, 2009

I would like to help since I own the OST, but the download link doesn't work. I'm going to look into it as soon as there is a working one. I'd also love to see a complete SPC set of this.

KungFuFurby Jan 15, 2009 (edited Jan 15, 2009)

I know what's wrong. Once you access the link, go to the URL bar and hit return once you've highlighted the link. You'll get a download... or you could try this, which is me directly linking to where it's really located. That only takes one try. ^_^

If you want, I can reupload this to another page. I have more than one area where I can upload, you know. ^_^

Teioh Jan 16, 2009 (edited Jan 16, 2009)

Ok, I finished the comparison. First off I was a bit confused with the text file, so what I did was I sorted the tracks by their filename (spc) and wrote the according tracktitle in brackets. If it is the planned order of tracks, you would have to replace the filenames with the titles I wrote in bold. I hope that's what you were asking for.

1. Opening Vocal (01. Love Theme~NOW MY LOVE)
2. Title (12. Main Theme)
3. Snow Fortress (25. Blue Tears Knight)
4. Attack! (03. Monster Battle 1)
5. The Hero Escapes ()
6. Enemy Appears! ()
7. Victory Fanfare ()
8. The Old Priest (11. Moon Trianjwelda)
9. Into A New World ()
10. Strange Carnival (23. Human World)
11. Where Is This... ()
12. Humanity ()
13. Rock and Fire ~ Overworld 1 ()
14. A Desert Town ()
15. Sleep ()
16. A Pub ()
17. King Fishman (02. Jawalda's Temple)
18. Covert Meeting (21. Mucha, the Theif)
19. Haunted Forest (07. White Bone Army)
20. Familiar Song ()
21. Pudgy Lil' Guy (05. Joshua's Theme)
22. Boss Battle ()
23. Game Over (06. Bell Bell, the Fairy)
24. Dismal World of Snow (08. Lost Smile)
25. Icy Future - Overworld 2 ()
26. Blue Tears Fort (Game Over) (04. Sad Song)
27. Opening (instrumental) (13. Love Theme, Version 1)
28. Fashion Show at Kiraranokyouka (19. Fire Dance)
29. A Snowy World No More ~ Overworld 3
30. Theme of Knight Gacha (09. Gacha, the Soldier)
31. Outside Wind Castle and Fire Gate  ()
32. World of Wind and Fire ~ Overworld 4 ()
33. Wind Town ()
34. Teoshisu' Uba Village (22. Long Time Ago)
35. Dungeons of the World of Wind and Fire ()
36. Story of an Epic Battle (17. Red Blood Army)
37. Inside Wind Castle ()
38. Noblin's Dwelling (16. The Noblin Tribe)
39. Earthquake in Gasha Fort ()
40. Princess Nashia and Arara's Castle ()
41. Ringing the Singing Handbell
42. Underground Cave (18. Princess Mary's Tower)
43. Medieval World ~ Overworld 5 (24. Secret of the Kingdom)
44. Tune of Charun (bad version) ()
45. Tune of Charun (10. Challoon)
46. Great Witch Taama's House ()
47. World of Darkness and Ruins ~ Overworld 6 ()
48. Kitara Tribe's Graveyard (20. Snowflakes in my Heart)
49. Boss Battle Beyond Demon Bridge ()
50. Battle Beyond Demon Bridge (15. Monster Battle 2)
51. Dead End Castle (14. Dead End Castle)
52. Last Battle against Mervil (26. Last Battle with Melvil)
53. Staff Roll (27. Love Theme Version 2)

This covers the full English OST tracklist, including typos, unnecessary commas and strange romanizations. There's also a Japanese tracklist ( - but it differs from the English one at times and nobody bothered with a translation yet. The official English one is on the disc itself, however I must've forgot to scan it - might do that over the weekend.

Looking forward to a tagged spc set on

edit: Actually on further listen I would say that Opening (instrumental) is 13. Love Theme, Version 1, while Familiar Song is not on the OST.

KungFuFurby Jan 16, 2009

Would Familiar Song be Love Theme Version 3 then? ^_^ Well, I made up the name myself, sinced this is based off of the melody.

Teioh Jan 16, 2009

Could be. We'll never know what plans they had for a Vol.2 OST. It does make sense. If "Familiar Song" is a name made up solely because it's based on the Love Theme, then the name you chose is definitely better.

Actually, I prefer some of the titles to the official ones, maybe it would be wise to keep them both. I mean, it's definitely notable that this game has 6 world map themes. But it's all entirely up to you.

I'm just glad the SPC set is complete, because I only played the game to the point where you enter the Desert Town. It makes the OST sound like a small arrange album.

KungFuFurby Jan 16, 2009

What I usually do with sets with OSTs is that I take out the track order (To me, I still do the OST identifications, but only if there is one. If there isn't, then it gets no track identification at all.), and for some of the tracks, I put in the OST trackname. Some of the tracks are played later in the game (which explains the actual name for this stuff) while their first appearance is earlier. Due to my own lack of Japanese knowledge (I go through these games utilizing my handy dandy codes, which I invent by using an emulator.), I use walkthroughs to get through the game. ritchie of GameFAQs did put up a walkthrough of that game a while back, so I used that. ^_^

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