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Ramon Jan 26, 2009

I'm desperately looking for the complete Original Soundtrack of the DS Game Lost Magic.
I've really been searching nearly in every corner of the internet, but I can't seem to find it. (Probably because there isn't.)
When I stumbled across this site I found some samples in a news post; great, I thought that the rest might be posted somewhere but I was wrong.

Then I found this thread: … hp?id=1444
but it didn't help me any further.

Thus I'm asking if anybody has the complete OST of the game or if anybody could rip it?
I'd be very glad if you had. smile

Arcubalis Jan 26, 2009

As far as I'm aware, it's only available via iTunes in Japan.

Dais Jan 26, 2009

interesting timing..

It is indeed only available via Japanese iTunes. However, a mini2sf set was recently created, which I tagged. The mini2sf set is pretty darn accurate when compared to the OST sound, and is only missing one track (a bonus extended version of the title theme.

The Winamp/foobar plugin to play 2sf files:

Here's the untagged set with the necessary sound data files (host elsewhere to conserve a tiny bit of space for the 2sf hosting site): …

Here are the tagged versions of the mini2sf tracks: …

Ramon Feb 7, 2009

Holy friggin god!

I had given up all hope before, but then I just thought I should check this again and what do I see?

Thank you sooo much!! big_smile

/me hails Dais

Knurek Feb 7, 2009 (edited Feb 7, 2009)

BTW, Dais, feel free to just hotlink the files on Manly Site, bandwidth isn't much of an issue now.

Dais Feb 7, 2009

Oh, that's good to hear. Now I don't feel so guilty about downloading huge packs of streaming music just to hear what they're like.

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