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Thomas Mar 20, 2009 (edited Mar 26, 2009)

Picked up the game at release yesterday.

Had to look hard for a store that had the pre-order goods (now that's new) but was pleasantly surprised with what I got: not only the PSP rearrange soundtrack (2 discs, NW10102800, as advertised on the falcom website) but also Brandish Original Sound Track ~FM TOWNS & Renewal~ (2 discs, BR-OST-FR, not for sale).

The rearranged soundtrack is amazing so far. Simply love the new arrangements (live instruments for the win!). I am a huge biased Brandish fan but I honestly cannot see anyone being disappointed with this.

The game itself is pure gold as well (though I'm probably the only one here who enjoyed the original). Incredibly short loading times (yay!), awesome new artwork, choice between FM TOWNS or rearranged BGM and an incredible atmosphere. Falcom really knows how to work the PSP, looking forward to Ys 7 big_smile

#edit: removed the rips here as they're widely available on the interwebs

Carl Mar 20, 2009 (edited Mar 20, 2009)

Yeah, Falcom is always generous with their pack-in goodies  smile

Thanks so much for (both) the encodes, I'm dling now and eagerly awaiting a listen!  Sure wasn't expecting to get a treat like this today!

I remember Brandish Piano Collection being really good, so hopefully the new arranges will be as well.

Edit: Oh yes, the arranges are good, and the tracks using live instruments add a LOT, this is nice.

Jodo Kast Mar 20, 2009 (edited Mar 21, 2009)

Thanks for the music. I'm making a CDR of this for that 14 mile stretch of highway I get to enjoy twice five days per week.


Hehe, I wasn't paying much attention after I got this. I automatically assume that music I grab from the internet will be in the mp3 format. So I burned these to a disc and I heard nothing in my car. When I got home, I noticed the files were in the mp4 format. So I found an mp4 to mp3 converter and it failed every time. Confused, I decided to look closer. These files are in the M4a format, which I have never heard of before. Luckily, someone was nice enough to make an M4a to mp3 converter.

This is why I need to get a computer in my car, so Winamp can take care of things. My car CD player is retarded. (Damned bastards trying to ban words.)

Chris Mar 20, 2009

Incredible, Thomas! I was planning on doing a Brandish update soon, but worried I wouldn't be able to find the Dark Revenant soundtrack. Quite a surprise there were actually two soundtracks -- maybe compensating for the fact the original Brandish soundtrack was only released in one of the special boxes? Many thanks again!

Ramza Mar 20, 2009

In before the links get removed by Adam (or is it cool to post ripped soundtracks here?)

Anyway, I'll be checking these out. Much love, much appreciated!

Thomas Mar 24, 2009

Figured I could post the links since they were pre-order goodies... it's not like you could buy 'em if you wanted. I'll leave it up to Adam whether or not this is in accordance with the code of conduct wink

In the meantime glad to be of service! Looking forward to the reviews, Chris smile

Ramza Mar 24, 2009

I thought you could order the Dark Revenant soundtrack separately, but FM-TOWNS/Renewal was promo-only.

Anyway...Thomas, you should totally submit packaging scans of all this stuff on ... *wink!*


Idolores Apr 8, 2009

Jodo Kast wrote:

My car CD player is retarded. (Damned bastards trying to ban words.)

So according to that advert, vowels are to blame?

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