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Captain Capitalist Apr 2, 2009

Hey Bernhardt, check out RPGFan under X-edge.  You'll find some samples there, I listed to them just the other day in fact.  I musta' liked it pretty good since it made it into my want pile.  Also Chudah has one up for sale for $20.00 if you're interested.

Herrkotowski Apr 2, 2009

It's got a mixture of styles. THere is some electronica, some orchestral, and some rock. I remember these off hand.

Here's the normal battle theme:

The title theme: … re=related

Another battle theme: … re=related

A dungeon theme: … re=related

It's mainly rock and electronica, but it does have some orchestral themes in there as well. Hope this helps.

Bernhardt Apr 3, 2009

Thanks for the links! Been having trouble finding stuff, because people can't decide whether to call it Cross Edge or X Edge...and for some reason, I didn't really expect to find this on RPG Fan...

XLord007 Apr 7, 2009

I did't care for it.  If you need a game soundtrack with X/Cross in the title, stick with Namco X Capcom.  Much better.

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