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jeriaska Apr 8, 2009

Today on GameSetWatch there is an interview with three of the organizers of the gentle echo meeting, called Revisiting Kenji Ito's RPG Repertoire

The gentle echo meeting took place in February and was a mix of discussion and live performances, centering on the music of Kenji Ito.  The participants of this interview include Kenji Ito, who offers details on the chamber orchestra arrangements of Romancing SaGa, Pop'n Music and other game series that were featured.  He also speaks briefly about the upcoming SaGa 2 remake. 

Masahiro Sakurai, the director of the Super Smash Bros. series, speaks on organizing this event and the Press Start Symphony of Games concert series.  Koji Suga of Harmonics International also offers an introduction to his company, which organizes live music events.

Cedille Apr 8, 2009

Nice interview.

GSW: At the end of the meeting you made a special announcement confirming that the 2009 Press Start Symphony of Games will take place in August. How might those that are interested in the concert find out about details as they unfold?

Sakurai: By bookmarking the following address:

This is where you will find the latest news on the concert series, so long as you don't mind that it's all in Japanese.

I visit the site everyday for an upcoming launch, as, unlike the last year's predictable SSB composers fare, I suspect this year will focus spotlight on those ignored so far.

Carl Apr 9, 2009

Nice that you got to speak to the organizer/promoter from Harmonics International as well, I was interested in what he has to say as well, as they are doing Capcom's upcoming Monster Hunter Concert too.

Ramza Apr 12, 2009 (edited Apr 13, 2009 by Adam Corn)

Speaking of Ito, and Romancing SaGa Minstrel Song, I actually listened to that OST today. Which I got from Jeriaska during 2007 gift exchange. Good stuff.

jeriaska Apr 15, 2009

This article is now on Gamasutra also. 

While a track list for the 5th Anniversary Monster Hunter concert has not been revealed, it looks to be more in the style of an orchestral concert than a chamber orchestra.  Ikuko Noguchi is said to be appearing as a special guest.

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