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Qui-Gon Joe Apr 7, 2006

I was surprised that nobody beat me to the punch, since it took me so long to finally get my hands on the stupid thing.  Now that I've had a couple days with it, I can say that I couldn't possibly be happier with it.  Well... except for Chaotic Dance 2, which is pretty much the original song from the first game except with any redeeming value at all extracted and stomped on.  Seriously, Sakuraba, what were you thinking?

I was about to start listing the tracks that I really love on this glorious 3 disc set, but it's easier just to say that it's all quite awesome, and probably tops the original Baten Kaitos (which I didn't assume would happen so easily, considering the first game has one of my favorite OSTs of all time).  I will say, though, that if you didn't like the original game's score, you're not going to like this either.  I would say it's sort of like the first game's score enhanced and taken to a new level.  The battle themes - the dungeon themes - the emotional scene themes... everything is simply beautiful.

What does anyone else think?  I'm dying to play the game now that I've heard the music, especially since I heard they ditched the defense turn in combat and battles go even faster now.

GoldfishX Apr 7, 2006

I pretty much agree that it's basically an extension of the original, though more streamlined (it's a disc longer, but also about 20 tracks shorter). I've only listened through it once and I probably like it more than the original. Only thing that bugged me was all of the battle tracks were bunched up at the start of disc 1, so the latter parts of the soundtrack started getting a little monotonous.

I've actually been much more intrigued by Tales of the Abyss. "Everlasting Fight" is Sakuraba in battle mode at his best.

Hopefully, this momentum will result in something extra-grand for Valkyrie Profile 2.

Qui-Gon Joe Apr 7, 2006

Yeah, they bunched the battle tracks together in the first OST as well.  It annoys me greatly in both.

Harry Apr 7, 2006

Just for people who didn't know, "Le ali del principio" is the final battle theme. I say hurray for family efforts!

I don't think this OST surpasses the first, but it's certainly not lesser in quality. Overall, a nice OST by Sakuraba.

XLord007 Apr 7, 2006

I'll have to listen to them both again to be sure, but so far, I think I like the original BK OST more.

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