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James O Nov 3, 2009 (edited Nov 3, 2009)

Someone must be a video game fan (or they recently played it on DS), Hiro made a Crono and Marle reference in tonight's Heroes (as to them being the one for each other - like Charlie and Hiro are supposed to be).  Just thought I'd mention it cause if you blinked or weren't paying attention you would have missed it.  Don't really know how many people here follow Heroes... it's kinda gotten pretty crappy compared to how it started out.  I think it should probably be the last season.

update: Kotaku's got it covered … no-trigger

absuplendous Nov 3, 2009 (edited Nov 3, 2009)

So they're a very contrived, utterly unconvincing, and ultimately uninteresting couple? tongue

Wanderer Nov 3, 2009

Yeah, I wouldn't classify Crono/Marle as a very convincing romance. tongue

I stopped watching Heroes after the second season (and barely finished even that). I have better things to do with my time.

SonicPanda Nov 4, 2009

I seem to remember seeing his character bio list CT as his favorite game, so it makes sense. Not sure what the snarking about Crono/Marle is about. It's contrived, sure, but no less contrived than Mario/Toadstool or Link/Zelda or hell, anyone else in videogames, really.

Adam Corn Nov 4, 2009

That's not a very good comparison when CT originated a decade after those games and from a genre generally regarded to place a greater emphasis on story and character development.

Putting all modern RPG character romances on the same level of the Crono-Marle one will probably draw plenty of objections as well.

Even by the standards of that era I'd say the Crono-Marle relationship fell pretty flat.  The dramatic drive behind CT for me was always the Frog-Magus rivalry.

rein Nov 4, 2009 (edited Nov 5, 2009)

My memory of Chrono Trigger is a bit hazy after 14 years, but I don't recall a Crono-Marle romance subplot in the original game.  I understand that the PlayStation port retconned their marriage, but that could have been after an unseen period of courtship following the victory over Lavos, in which case their relationship would be less contrived.

Ashley Winchester Nov 5, 2009

Despite playing the game on the SNES back in the day, I never really "got" into mythos surrounding Chrono Trigger. The game never really grabbed me, but at the same time, I think I can see what people see in it to a certain degree - Chrono Cross' only ended up enforcing such a view.

Not a big fan of love stories, especially in RPG's like FFVIII - I couldn't buy into the whole Squall/Rinoa thing.

Idolores Nov 5, 2009

Ashley Winchester wrote:

Not a big fan of love stories, especially in RPG's like FFVIII - I couldn't buy into the whole Squall/Rinoa thing.

I'm into them, so long as they're well handled. Squall and Rinoa didn't feel compelling at all. As for Crono and Marle? If Crono weren't a silent protagonist, I'd have a lot less of an issue with people telling me they were a half-decent couple, but that could be extended to every silent protagonist, I suppose.

Bernhardt Nov 7, 2009

Crono & Marle, I always thought were pretty platonic; although, I guess they do go on that balloon ride in one of the endings, together...but it definitely wasn't one of those romance subplots they beat you over the head with, like Final Fantasy VII ~ X.

Heroes is really falling flat on its ass, and I can see why they're making random nerd references to at least maintain one demographic, but I'd have to hear and see it in order to actually believe it. YouTube footage, anyone?

Amazingu Nov 8, 2009

I was hooked almost religiously to the first season, despite the incredibly stupid dialogue and writing, because it had this "I wanna see what happens next" thing down pretty well, and then came the lame cop-out ending, so I just gave up on the series in its entirety. Pretty disappointing in the end.

On the other hand, I can't believe the ridiculous amount of discussion this cute and harmless reference has spawned.
No, it may not be the most meaningful relationship in the world of videogames EVAHR, but come on, is it seriously so hard to understand why Hiro would choose to reference Chrono Trigger of all videogames?

Ashley Winchester Nov 8, 2009

Bernhardt wrote:

YouTube footage, anyone?

Could you even find this kind of stuff on YouTube anymore? They're pretty anal about (newer) TV clips anymore aren't they?

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