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Pedrith Jan 11, 2010

Hi all.  I just saw on cdjapan's website that Arc Rise Fantasia will be getting a three cd soundtrack in march.

I don't have a wii, but was wondering if anybody has played the game and can give their thoughts on the music.  I would like to have some idea before I decide to preorder.



Jon Turner Jan 15, 2010

I have yet to play the game, but I will say that this game's music is quite good.  It's not another Chrono Trigger, but it is a pleasant score to listen to.  One of my particular favorite tracks is one of the later dungeon songs, which has four different variations to it.  I don't know what track that'll be on what disc, but either way, it IS gratifying to know that this score is getting a release.

Pedrith Mar 1, 2010

Well I ordered the full soundtrack via Cdjapan.  Used a coupon and my points so that it would only cost under $20 CAD with shipping.  I don't have a wii but will post my thoughts when it arrives.


Pedrith Mar 5, 2010

Yasunori Mitsuda updated his discography page to include Arc Rise Fantasia.  I don't speak Japanese, but would be grateful if somebody could translate it for me, or the community in general.



Sami May 30, 2010

I haven't been able to listen to it much, but it's a nice soundtrack. Can't wait to hear how it works in the game. It seems that the music will work well in the game, and the 3 CD soundtrack should have enough variety spread out across the game. This is already a pretty nice listen without playing the game, so I'm curious to see if it will get even better afterwards.

Zealboy May 31, 2010

I found the soundtrack dull and forgettable.  It got shelved pretty darn quick.
Perhaps I should give it another chance... but I just got the Nier OST yesterday, and that is demanding 5000 consecutive listens until I get sick of its brilliance. smile

Bernhardt May 31, 2010

I remember listening to samples of it, and liking those; I'll probably end up getting it if I get the game soon, too; seems like it's going to Mitsuda's better works in awhile, not that he's released much else other than Soma Bringer.

Sami Jun 1, 2010

Yeah, it was a disappointment to hear that Mitsuda will be composing only one song for Xenoblade, and that's the ending theme. The same thing that Uematsu did with FF12.

Dais Jun 1, 2010

a Yoko Shimomura soundtrack that isn't associated with a happy go lucky franchise is nothing to sneeze at, though.

Chris Jun 2, 2010

Actually, based on the Emil Chronicle soundtrack, I think it'll be ACE+'s contributions that will be the highlight on Xenoblade. This project didn't seem to be that significant for Yoko Shimomura and I'm more looking forward to her work on The Third Birthday, Last Ranker, and Versus XIII.

Bernhardt Jun 2, 2010 (edited Jun 2, 2010)

Chris wrote:

... I'm more looking forward to her work on ... Versus XIII.

Oh yeah! Better set aside $$$ for that one!

Bernhardt Aug 9, 2010

w00t. Finally got around to actually listening to this; it's probably my next favorite soundtrack of this year, after Xenoblade.

I'm picking up on nuances of Tsugunai and even Chrono Cross out of this one.

It's not incredibly original, but it's still really nice, relaxing music to listen to; talking mostly about the town and emotional themes, though.

If you haven't taken a look at this, and you're looking for new music along these lines, you might want to consider checking this one out!

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