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TerraEpon Apr 25, 2010 (edited Apr 25, 2010) … D.16256200

I'm surprised noone's brought this up (or if they have I missed it). It appears, anyway, that they are selling Japanese imports for a pretty damn good price, especially considering the exchange rate (on the flip side, games look to be unsurprsingly at normal retail price). Shipping isn't the greatest, but each new item is only a small increase.

Basically if I get the three I want, it costs the equivalent of 7521 yen after shipping for what retails at 9790 before shipping.

Not bad, not bad at all.

Cogo Apr 25, 2010

Good tip! Too bad they don't ship to Sweden.

Boco Apr 25, 2010

I've purchased a couple soundtracks from the SE store and was quite pleased overall. Just make sure that the CDs are actually in stock. It takes them forever to restock items (think 12+ months). However, if you don't mind a long wait or the CDs are currently in stock... then it's quite a great deal!

Qui-Gon Joe Apr 25, 2010

I swear I also mentioned it at some point, but I can't seem to find it so maybe not.  Oops!

Wow, they seem to have less in stock now than they did the last time I looked.

Bernhardt Apr 25, 2010 (edited Apr 25, 2010)

I got the black silver Griever chain necklace from them, and signed up for their newsletter while I was at it...

Then they told me they were selling the FFXIII OST, so I promptly snatched that up when I found out they only had 5 in stock...I wasn't going to purchase it until I actually got the game, put the price was just too good...

EDIT: Clicked on the link; never noticed the other entries they had before; those're REALLY good prices! Reminds me of the good 'ol days when we used to get J CDs for $25 a pop...

GoldfishX Apr 25, 2010

Awesome description for the Last Remnant album: "The complete 97 track collection composed by two prolific artists is now available for your listening pleasure."

Two prolific artists? That's flattering, but kinda vague for potential buyers, eh? lol

taslo Apr 30, 2010

Thanks for the link. I'm glad to see there is a cheaper alternative to this music. It's hard to find much of it reasonably priced. And if it is it's most likely pirate stuff.

Ramza May 1, 2010

$20 for FF Tactics. That's a winner.

longhairmike May 1, 2010

damn i really need to finish my ff9 quest so i can get started on the ps2 ones. i have this unfounded fear that im obligated to play them in order...

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