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Dragon God Oct 6, 2011

I'm not quite sure if a thread of this type has already being done before, but the point of this topic is to discuss the pros and cons (if applicable) of each artist and in the end determine which is your personal favorite.

So in my case, this is pretty much a tie, as both have being longtime favorites for me. I appreciate Watanabe's "jazzy" stylings while Hosoe really got me hooked to "electronic" type VGM. It's a bit difficult to even pinpointing some "cons" as I'm obviously biased towards both. If anything, Watanabe really should make more shooter soundtracks, much in the vein of "Border Down". For Hosoe, it's no surprise he often tends to be too repetitive in his works (there I said it) and should definitely depend less on "samplings" for his tracks.

It was difficult enough to part with the majority of my collection over a month ago... In the end, I decided to give Watanabe a permanent spot in my small collection of remaining albums. That choice was the Border Down album, the first one with arrangements at the end. In that way, I was having a full serving of excellent Watanabe compositions while Hosoe would not be completely left out since he had contributed an arrangement which was not repetitive and not so dependant on an electronic "vibe".

I'm sure I'm not the only one who enjoys both, so please share your opinions on their respective strenghts and weaknesses.

Cedille Oct 6, 2011

I don't like either, but I generally don't care about electronica aside of Namiki.

vert1 Oct 6, 2011 (edited Oct 6, 2011)

Watanabe is better but he cannot rock-out anywhere near as hard as Hosoe.

Watanabe hasn't put out an album that's as good as Ibara, however, Watanabe best tracks are far better than Hosoe's best tracks (non-guitar tracks). I mean his Senko No Ronde album's highlights are really f---ing good: "NorthStar", "Remembe first rondez-vons", "Grey Lips", "Shift", "C.C.". I think Watanabe should stay away from guitars.

I haven't really listened to that much of either guys old stuff, but I doubt Shinji Hosoe was able to put out such a solid album as Puchi Carat.

tri-Ace Super Fan Oct 6, 2011

I'll always adore Hosoe for Dragon Spirit alone.

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