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vert1 Mar 18, 2012 (edited Jan 4, 2017) … ird/721302

Coming out in Spring 2013. My prior commentary on the game:

vert1 wrote:

A concern I see right now is that the enemies died really easily. I'd expect this sort-of thing towards the end of the game when your weapons are upgraded a lot. The enemies shown can't be expected to put up the same resistance as the robots in Vanquish, but they died without the player doing any advanced techniques (where was the dodging?). In Ninja Gaiden 2 to obliterate opponents took a charged attack or prior limb liberation; in other words, it took more time to kill foes. Beheadings weren't taking place every second. I don't want the enemies dying so fast that there is little satisfaction in the 'en masse' deaths. This is why in RE4, players had to deal with the absurd image of Leon shooting ganados 6-8 times in the head with the pistol before it exploded in the early stages. Mikami had to find a way past the "boom headshot! dead" way plaguing many games (i.e. FPS games). For the later stages, he upped the easy kill headshot problem fix by adding the exposed plagas ganado. Then he hilariously to the dismay (horror) of many gamers added an enemy that's head grew back. If you expected quick kills through headshots in RE4, look out.

I hope there is no Wii U version being worked on right now. I think THQ should focus solely on a 360 version, then later on port it to PS3. Exclusive games turn out better. I wonder if Nintendo is pressuring them to launch this game later.

Old 2010 interview

vert1 May 16, 2012

Meanwhile, THQ confirmed last night that it has dropped Devil's Third, the action game made by Ninja Gaiden creator Tomonobu Itagaki.

During an investor call THQ boss Brian Farrell said Devil's Third no longer "fits THQ's profile", and was unlikely to make a profit. Apparently the game ran into trouble when the company supplying Itagaki's studio Valhalla with a game engine went out of business, forcing the team to switch engines mid-way through development.

This proved to be a costly dent in THQ's publishing effort. "When we ranked all of our product releases when we underwent our restructuring, the profitability of Devil's Third wasn't comparable with our other franchises," Farrell said.

However, there is light at the end of the tunnel for Devil's Third. THQ is seeking to offload the game to another publisher. It remains to be seen if it will be picked up.

source: … vils-third

Damn. Maybe Sega or Microsoft could publish it.

vert1 Jan 11, 2014

The game lives! Here's a translated quote:

Next year will be the year we'll be releasing the console game, Devil's Third," Itagaki told 4Gamer. "At the moment, it is about 80% complete, and we can about see the end of it. However, there's still a little more polishing that needs to be done. That's also one of the reasons I've decided to work independently. For you fans out there, I'd like to apologize for making you worry. We'll be going all out next year, so please look forward to it.

Source: … 85/index_2.

vert1 May 31, 2014 (edited May 31, 2014)

Tomonobu Itagaki, designer of Valhalla Game Studios’ upcoming title Devil’s Third shared an update on his facebook account yesterday regarding the state of the game.

Apparently, Itagaki had been away from Facebook for a while because he was busy working on the game and assures fans that the final product is coming along nicely.

In response to fans sending him concerned messages, he assured them everything was alright, but it will be totally natural of him to be inactive on Facebook in the future as well due to work schedule for Devil’s Third.

Devil’s Third is a third-person shooter involving melee action being developed by Valhalla Game Studios, which was created by Itagaki himself along with members who left Tecmo, for Xbox 360 and PS3.

The game is Itagaki’s first title since he left Tecmo back in 2008 and is different from his previous hack & slash and fighting games such as Dead or Alive.

Devil’s Third’s backstory revolves around the Kessler syndrome theory. Debris from satellites orbiting the Earth leads to the destruction of all military and civilian satellites. This results in constant conflicts among military powers throughout the planet.

The game is scheduled to be released in 2014 and is being built on the same engine used by Darksiders 2.

source: … velopment/

vert1 Jun 10, 2014 (edited Jun 12, 2014)

Wii U exclusive!! o_o
GameSpot trailer (better footage. shows off multi-player).

Multi-player looks really fun with carrying large fruit to throw into a blender. The lock-on leaping kill melee attack is sweet. Quickly dispatching enemies now makes sense after seeing more footage of the game. Not sure about the scoping sites stuff as it is a bit too CoD.

XLord007 Jun 11, 2014

I can't believe Nintendo picked this one up. It looks like a laughably bad low budget Wii game.

absuplendous Jun 11, 2014 (edited Jun 11, 2014)

Wow... it's like they took the most distinguishing aspects of various "mature" games and smushed them together into a single soggy blob. I love the shots of the player character on the drums--they may as well have interspersed shots of him doing sick ollies on his skateboard.

avatar! Jun 11, 2014 (edited Jun 11, 2014)

Hmm, is this a Wii U exclusive because Microsoft and Sony passed on the game?

edit: I shouldn't make a judgement on the game without playing it (not my type of game anyway), but seriously, I'm curious why this is Wii U exclusive?

XLord007 Jun 11, 2014

avatar! wrote:

but seriously, I'm curious why this is Wii U exclusive?

It was originally going to be published for multiple platforms by THQ, but THQ went out of business, so Itagaki had to find a new publisher. Considering how awful the game looks, it's no surprise that nobody picked it up. I have no clue as to why Nintendo would want it, so my only guess is that Itagaki must have some friends at Nintendo that took pity on him.

vert1 Jun 12, 2014

"We developed the game up to an early playable version at THQ but then there was the unfortunate end of that company. Then, when we went looking for partners and found Nintendo who really supported my vision. I'm not really sure if it would have been possible ten years ago to be honest, but I've had a long relationship with Nintendo going back to the Nintendo and Super Nintendo. Once I went independent, I definitely went over to Nintendo to say hello.

There will always be accidents on the battlefield. You have to find ways through those and adapt. The world has been through financial crises in the past few years yet we've all found ways to continue on. One thing that's different from my previous company is my relationship to the people I'm working with. Previously I wasn't necessarily responsible for hiring and taking care of everyone, but my position is different now and I feel a lot of responsibility for my team.

When people play this game I want them to think, 'What does it mean to live?' I want them to think about life itself. What does it mean to be alive? What does someone believe in a world like this? We're all citizens in a very fragile world order, as if it's made of a glass, that can shatter at any moment."

I'm not one to go looking for fights in back alleys. I prefer to find them in a big avenue. That's why I tried to pick the most major genre I could think of, the modern shooter. That's what led me to make Devil's Third."

- takes place place in an alternate United States
- all electronics and satellites have been destroyed
- the country is embroiled in a civil war with militias vying to control territory
- at one point you'll spot a soldier loading giant watermelons onto another soldiers back
- a soldier jumps off a building following a conga line of rainbow-colored chickens
- giant military propaganda posters with half-naked women pop up on screen

source: joystiq

vert1 Sep 18, 2014 (edited Sep 18, 2014)

New Famitsu Interview - … 14-09.html

The most interesting part is Itagaki's answer about the new breed of action in which he states: "I took a long, hard look at both the action and shooter genres and figured out what they were lacking, and brought them both to a new level."

Ashley Winchester Sep 19, 2014

I was reading up on this one. Sorry if it sounds kind of negative but man, but the development of this game kind of appears to be a damn mess.

vert1 Nov 22, 2014

A few new things from Itagaki: story mode will be greater than Ninja Gaiden's (Hopefully no filler), it "demolishes the standard if past console games in online multiplayer," and everything [Itagaki] wanted (his specifications) were fulfilled.

source: … vils-third

vert1 Jan 27, 2016 (edited Jan 27, 2016)

Anyone here buy this game? Multi-player is awesome. Chickens mode is the reason I play videogames!

Ashley Winchester Jan 27, 2016 (edited Jan 27, 2016)

vert1 wrote:

Anyone here buy this game? It's awesome. Chickens mode is the reason I play videogames!

Not to mince words, but I heard the game was terrible. Granted that's what I've been told, not saying it's true since I haven't played it.

Additionally, I heard Nintendo didn't make a whole lot of copies which made the game more valuable than it probably has a right to be.

vert1 Jan 27, 2016 (edited Jan 27, 2016)

The popular opinion on the game is wrong. You can read on Neogaf thread that there is a lot of love for the multi-player. Sliding while flamethrowering is something special. The game is a load of fun with the creative modes it has. I still haven't played a round of siege mode with 15 other players.

If you have a Wii U you should buy a copy off Play-asia. The game community is best experienced now. If you hate the game you can sell it for profit.

Amazingu Jan 27, 2016

vert1 wrote:

The popular opinion on the game is wrong. You can read on Neogaf thread that there is a lot of love for the multi-player. Sliding while flamethrowering is something special. The game is a load of fun with the creative modes it has. I still haven't played a round of siege mode with 15 other players.

Ah yes, good old vert is back.
Where else would I be able to get my fix of stupid quotes like "the popular opinion is wrong"?
Yes, vert, you are right about everything and opinions are not subjective.

Anyway, for what it's worth, from what I've heard Multiplayer is indeed not bad; it's single player that is complete ass. You'd probably be better off getting the PC version then, since it's the Multiplayer component only.

Ashley Winchester Jan 27, 2016 (edited Jan 27, 2016)

Amazingu wrote:

Ah yes, good old vert is back.

LOL, needed a good laugh. Reminds me of the director's "reviewers didn't get enough time with the game to judge it properly" talk, Cause' you know, that always inspires confidence in your product.

And yes, I looked into this game after posting in this thread. Seems the multiplayer is the saving grace.

vert1 Jan 27, 2016

I guess no one else here owns this game...

Popular opinion is misinformed on the game and slagging it for minor tech issues. Most people bashing it from what I've seen haven't even played it. I wouldn't write that single player is ass. The first 30 minutes starts off poor -- so poor I never wanted to play the sp again -- but it picks up and you start having fun. Haven't beaten the game, but I'd give single player a 3/5. Multiplayer is 5/5 for me.

The PC version is interesting in that it may not have region restricted multiplayer. I think it will have less players overall though because it wasn't marketed as much. I'm satisfied playing the game with the Wii U gamepad. Gonna have to buy a Pro controller for Bayonetta 1 & 2.

Ashley Winchester Jan 27, 2016

This entire discussion reminds me of The Order 1886,

Before I played it my friend was trying to tell me how awesome it was, but when I got around to playing it I saw what many others saw: a mediocre walking simulator/cut-scene generator that was basically a tech demo.

My friend really didn't like my opinion and not even after Sony unceremoniously ended their relationship with the team that produced it would he even relent that it didn't live up the hype even a little.

If you like the game fine, I mean I like freaking SaGa Frontier and how many people said that was crap, but gees, I didn't see the point of waxing that game's carrot.

Qui-Gon Joe Jan 27, 2016

I've actually heard a LOT that the multiplayer is pretty fun...

vert1 Jan 3, 2017 (edited Jan 13, 2017)

Qui-Gon Joe wrote:

I've actually heard a LOT that the multiplayer is pretty fun...

The multi-player in Siege Mode was like building a lego fortress and actually being able to commandeer the lego persons and pieces.

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