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Jodo Kast Jun 28, 2012 (edited Jul 13, 2012)

Here is a recent album I think you (all) should hear:

GoldfishX, if you're reading, I am interested in what you think about the mastering.

The password is zuntata

I was very surprised by the Sunsoft Remix album, so I went ahead and bought this, having very little familiarity with Jaleco music. Jaleco isn't the biggest game company and I'm glad they finally got an exclusive arrange album.

Edit: Ignore this post. My account was suspended due to my lack of discretion.

Leon Jun 28, 2012

Jaleco has some surprisingly-rich and interesting history to its sound team. Musicians like Tsukasa Tawada and Yasuyuki Suzuki all started at Jaleco, doing both music and sound for the arcade games made at the company. Suzuki mainly did Super Famicom titles, to be fair, but Tawada did his only FM-synth soundtracks for games like E.D.F.

Not to mention that, though I haven't heard any material from this arrangement album yet: WOODSOFT is one of the all-star doujin arrangement houses in Japan at the moment, and they've always done a great job of providing excellent, varied arrangements of classic Japanese game music. I ought to get this album someday.

GoldfishX Aug 9, 2012

Jodo, I got to sample this one and it's a loudness war victim, unfortunately. Decent arranges (style is very agreeable), very little dynamic range, so is actually difficult to sit down and really take in. I recognized the Blaster Master and Journey to Silius music, those were the only two I kept.

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