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Carl Jul 1, 2012

Looks like a fantastic lineup of artists/bands will be performing this year, as part of the Game Summer Festival 2012!

Event Date is August 4th and 5th,
Location is at the Shimofusa Sports Park in Narita?

Anybody gonna be nearby, because I'll pay for any merchandise/swag and/or other compensations for someone to attend.

Blind Spot(ほぼ S.S.T.Band)
TEKARU (noisycroak)
リブストロー (Basiscape Band)
渡部恭久(Studio Dual Moon)
IDOLM@STER(中村 繪里子、原 由実、浅倉杏美)

■開催日程:2012年8月4日(土)、5日(日) ※出演日交渉中




Ramza Jul 1, 2012

this looks so ridiculously good. I wish I could be there.

Namorbia Jul 3, 2012

I have to say, I'm super ignorant about Japanese VGM bands, but this looks amazing anyway! I know SST, have heard the name ZUNTATA somewhere and didn't know that Basiscape had a band. That's it.

This seems to be the location: … d0012.html

Yes, I plan to go this event! I'm working in Kyoto, but I'm fairly sure I can get the weekend off. I hope someone else goes too and writes a report, so I can really appreciate what I experienced. If someone has time, please write a quick educative crash course on these artists.

On this blog it says that tickets are available at Lawson machines in the beginning of July. One day is 4.500 yen / two days 7.500 yen.

Namorbia Jul 5, 2012

The official website is up:

Ticket information
Performance schedule (no timeslots yet, only days)

Aug 4th (Sat)
[中村 繪里子(天海春香役)、原 由実(四条貴音役) 、浅倉杏美(萩原雪歩役)]
並木 学
リブストロー(Basiscape Band)

Aug 5th (Sun)
佐藤 豪
Blind Spot(ほぼS.S.T.Band)

The names are ordered alphabetically, not by who plays when.

Carl Jul 26, 2012 (edited Jul 26, 2012)

Glad to hear you are going! 
If you've got a Paypal account I can send some funds your way up-front, to cover some purchases of goods.

If any of the perormers have special event-only Audio CDs that would be considered a must-get.

Even general merchandise (T-shirts, upcoming promotional stuff, cell phone straps, etc..) is good, for example any official goods with Noisycroak or Basiscape logos.

(Although if you're unfamiliar with the groups/bands, it might be hard to tell which CDs are regular retail items and which ones would be special ones...)

Namorbia Jul 26, 2012

I'll try my best to buy rare and exclusive stuff. I've been looking up the artists on VGMdb and other sites, but I'm still pretty ignorant about their releases. There's so much stuff! Whatever I find, I can send to you, Carl. I'm a bit of an anti-materialist and don't like owning stuff, but I'm always glad to help. I have paypal, but you can pay me afterwards, if I succeed in this quest!

The timetable is up:

Namorbia Aug 7, 2012

Wow, the festival was a lot of fun!

I was really impressed by Noiyscroak's band Tekaru and spend a lot of time chatting with Hideki Sakamoto and the others. They're really cool guys and they also played two short acoustic sets out on the lawn. They had three t-shirts on sale, of which two can be bought from their webstore. So I bought the third exclusive one. I also bought a wristband and some sort of facial cream (don't ask me why they have their own brand of facial cream). I don't buy physical CD's for myself at all, but since the Tekaru Technical album isn't available online, I bought it and got all the members autographs (which I also don't care about). If you want it Carl, I can send it to you along with the other stuff. They we're really glad and gave me a free sample of the Time Travelers OST. It's the normal OST, but there's a sticker with the text "sample" above the barcode. They also gave me two wristbands, a Noiyscroak sticker and this thing you wave with your hand towards your face when it's hot. I don't what you call it, but everyone has one in Japan. It has the Tekaru logo and some artwork on it.

I mentioned MAGFest to Tekaru and asked if they have interest in playing shows abroad. Yes, but one of them gets panic attacks on flights, so it might be a little bit difficult. I mentioned MAGFest is in early January and they are looking for artists to play live.

The only exclusive CD on sale was from Heavy Metal Raiden. I bought the CD and the official guide book to the concert. I asked all the sales guys if there we're any exclusive CDs only on sale during this event. Heavy Metal Raiden was the only one. By the way, they played an amazing show.

I saw this white guy with a JDK band t-shirt and instantly knew he was a cool guy. I don't know why I didn't talk with him at first, but later he saw me and mentioned that he and his friend was going to DJ later. I didn't see many DJ gigs, but his was the best one. It turned out he was Justin Pfeiffer from OSV! I knew his name, but not what he looked like or anything else.

Ramza Aug 8, 2012

Namorbia wrote:

I saw this white guy with a JDK band t-shirt

The moment I read that I was like "yup, Justin."

Very cool, thanks for the report. Would love for Tekaru to play MAGFest.

Carl Aug 9, 2012 (edited Aug 9, 2012)

Just got back into town after a week-long roadtrip of 2,500 miles, so I'm a bit exhausted, but very glad to read up about your positive experience at the festival!

Yes, the Noisycroak guys seem very easy going, and I'm glad they were approachable and enjoyed hanging out with their fans.

The merchandise you described is exactly the type of stuff I'm looking for, so thanks a bunch!!

I'll certainly reimburse your expenses and the shipping.  I'll send you an email or Facebook message and we can go over the details there.  Thanks again and I'm glad you had a blast!

Namorbia Aug 9, 2012

That Famitsu recap is really cool. I did take notes during the concerts and tried to write down the setlists. I guess I don't need them anymore. I wonder if Famitsu has a recap of Sunday (couldn't find one). That one is only for Saturday. I hope I'm in one of the pictures headbanging with dreadlocks to Heavy Metal Raiden in the front row!

I'll see if I have time to write a real report of this event. The earlier was just a quick write-up about Tekaru, some merchandise and Justin smile

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