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Schala May 21, 2006

Knowing Yoko Kanno and her penchant for the enigmatic (apparently there's some speculation as to whether Gabriela Robin is actually Kanno) and the notoriously vague/confusing credits in some of her liner notes, I was trying to figure out some Macross Plus music. And what did I find in the "For Fans Only" CD but one Akira Toriyama credited as a guitarist! Anyone know if this is the Toriyama I'm thinking of?

Then there's Hajime Mizoguchi on cello and Hisaaki Hogari as another guitarist...I never realized these artists collaborated.

Yuvraj May 28, 2006

Yeah, Kanno works with a huge cast of musicians. She has recored quite a bit with her husband, and I think I read somewhere that this year they are going to collaborate again. Not sure though, my anime music sources are minimal. As for Hogaari, well I never check the booklets thoroughly, but I recently found out he also did a track (guitar + vocals!) on GitS SAC OST 1. I don't understand why all the credits are so vague...Hogaari worked together with Kanno on more than a few tracks on Genesis of Aquarion, though it's not mentioned in the booklet....and I'm also not sure what to think of her sample clearance.

Zaggart May 28, 2006

I don't know if this is on topic but Yoko Kanno along with Tsuneo Imahori and other famous composers that I have no knowledge of right now performed on the Jin Roh OST.

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