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Echo May 19, 2013

Hi everyone, I've been a long time lurker on these forums but I haven't really posted anything before. I recently met with Adam Corn while attending the Final Symphony concert in Wuppertal, Germany, and I have to say he's a very cool guy!

But anyway, I'm going to perform a video game music DJ set (with some anime music thrown in) in mid-June at the evening party of Finland's biggest anime convention. So please give me suggestions on what to play and what you think are tracks you would like to dance to! smile It can be anything from original soundtracks to official or fan arrangements. I'm thinking of playing music like the Rockman techno arrange albums, some of bLiNd's arrangements, some Yuzo Koshiro like Wangan/Actraiser/Streets of Rage, Sota Fujimori's Contra stuff and some 8/16-bit originals for nostalgia fun.

Please give me specific tracks for what to play, not just albums, because it's more useful that way. smile Suggestions on what NES/SNES/Genesis originals you would like are particularily welcome.

vert1 May 19, 2013 (edited May 19, 2013)

Kou Hayashi, Daisuke Nagata - Change the Phase -Exposition- [ChaosField]
Masafumi Takada - Free Move [killer7] *****
Akira Yamaoka - Terror in the Depths of the Fog [Silent Hill 2]
Akira Yamaoka - King of Adiemus [Silent Hill Zero]
Mitsuhiko Takano, Michiaki Watanabe  - VS Screen ~ Battle Nr.1 [Gotcha Force]
Sota Fujimori - A Research Laboratory [Gungage]
Sota Fujimori - Electro Mechanism [Neo Contra]
Sota Fujimori - Open Your Mind [Neo Contra] *****
Sota Fujimori - 101 [Neo Contra]
Sota Fujimori - True Last Boss (at 2:12 - 2:50) [Neo Contra]
Masa - Spring Yard Zone [Sonic 1]
Various - Bubbleman Theme [MegaMan2] *****
Yuzo Koshiro - Go Straight [Bare Knuckle2]
Yuzo Koshiro - Too Deep [Bare Knuckle2] *****
Yuzo Koshiro - Fuze [Bare Knuckle3]
Yuzo Koshiro - Inga Rasen [Bare Knuckle3]
Yasuhisa Watanabe - North Star [Senko No Ronde] *****
Akira Yamaoka & Monster Zoo - 峡谷を抜けて… Stage Extra / arranged by モンスターZOO with AKIRA YAMAOKA [Death Smiles Arrange]
Ryu Umemoto - Stage 1 [ESPGALUDAII BlackLabel]
Takanori Arisawa - Opposite Soldier
Shinji Hosoe - Weapon Select [Ibara REMIX TRACKS]
KONAMI - High-Energy Protection [Henry Explorers]
??? - Buck Bumble Theme Song [Buck Bumble 64] -

Yuzoboy- Love Lockdown (Shine Remix) [Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 3 & 808 Heartbreak - MASHUP]
bLiNd- White Skies (Club Mix) [Final Fantasy X] -
bLiNd- Temple Trance [Zelda2] -
Jurek Ruben - SuperNerd LightForce Remix [LightForce] - Highly Recommended. Best c64 remix I've heard. Some say it's not following the source material that well. Whatever.

Yotsuya May 20, 2013

Quartz Quadrant - Sonic CD (Japan)
Special Stage - Sonic CD (USA)
Nobility - Dance of the Lordly Lion - Sigma Harmonics
Light - Dance of the Steel Bull - Sigma Harmonics
Twilight Town - Opoona
Theme for Mystic Warriors - Mystic Warriors
Funky Dealer - Jet Set Radio
Let Mom Sleep - Jet Set Radio
Green Greens - Kirby's Dream Land
Give me MORE!! Extended Mix - Synthesized 4
Bangin' Breaks - Extended Mix - Synthesized 4
Lucky Days - Analog Synth Mix - Synthesized 4
Main Theme - Super Mario 64
Soldam Mode 3 "Great Excitement Under the Tree" - Soldam
Inner Shade - King of Fighters 2000
Speedster - Ridge Racer
Stage 4 - Espgaluda II Black Label
Big Blue - F Zero
Juguuu Kibao (Arranged) - Tail of the Sun
In an Unguarded Moment - Tobal 2
Smiling Pop - Bust  A Move
Hot Head Bop - Donkey Kong Country 2
Huge Battleship Elinies - Stage 3 - Espgaluda

Sami May 29, 2013 (edited May 29, 2013)

Hi Echo! Project Majestic Mix - Trance Album has a lot of really kicking tunes. You should definitely sample "Industrial Fear," "On Top of Jacob's Ladder" and "St. Gabriel's Mask" if you haven't heard it, or pop it back in for a listen if you have it! I've got to hand it to to PMM / KFSS Studios, this was a really good followup to their work back in the day. o7

Also, that sounds like an awesome party, I've gotta check if I would be able to come!

Ramza May 31, 2013

This is a great topic, and I'm glad to see other posters sharing some great tracks! I'm all in favor of the Yuzo Koshiro tracks and those CAVE arrange tracks.

This isn't "club/dj" dancing, but when I think of vgm that makes me want to dance ... well, I want to take ballroom dancing lessons so I can dance to this track:

Uncharted Waters <3

PerfectZer0 Jun 1, 2013 (edited Jun 1, 2013)

Takahiro Eguchi - Gallant Gunshot (Arrange Version) / GINGA FORCE Complete Soundtrack
Sota Fujimori - Battle Versus 02 / Busou Shinki BATTLE MASTERS Mk.2 Original Soundtrack
Sota Fujimori - Gradius Medley (Gradius) / GRADIUS ARCADE SOUNDTRACK
Masanori Akita - Divine Bloodlines (Airwave Version) / Akumajo Dracula X Chronicle Original Soundtrack
estha - Rendezvous / Rendezvous (Cave Shooting Arrange Album)
LV.4 - Hard pressed / RockLove 2

Judgment Day Jun 4, 2013 (edited Jun 4, 2013)

Any version of (Japanese) Stardust Speedway from Sonic CD (Past, Present, Bad Future, Good Future) and/or Sonic Generations (Bad Future Only)

Yotsuya Jun 6, 2013

Echo, have you thought about live streaming the event online?

Echo Jun 8, 2013 (edited Jun 8, 2013)

Thanks a lot for all the suggestions. There's plenty of tracks to choose from for a 45 minute set now, I'm sure :)

Yotsuya, I haven't really thought about it, but I'll look into it. I can record the mix and put it online afterwards, at least, if streaming doesn't work.

And Ramza, that is one really awesome track! Loving it.

Qui-Gon Joe Jun 8, 2013

No mention of Rock Solid from Conker's Bad Fur Day or Aeropolis from F-Zero GX?  Those were what immediately popped into my mind!

Zorbfish Jun 8, 2013

Echo Jun 16, 2013 (edited Jun 16, 2013)

The party was yesterday and it was AWESOME. So much good music and really excited and nice people. There were five dj's/performers there in total. Here's what I played: … ucon-2013/

It starts kind of abruptly because I forgot to hit the 'record' button and the song had been going on for maybe a minute. :D But nothing much missing there, really.

Yotsuya Jun 18, 2013

Great set, really well done!

Adam Corn Jun 19, 2013

No download link? smile

Echo Jun 19, 2013

Thanks Yotsuya!

Here you go Adam:


Adam Corn Jun 28, 2013

Finally getting around to listening to this now.  Love the glitchy dance remix of Frog's Theme.  (Then again I just frickin love Frog's Theme.)

You gonna privilege us with a set list Echo?  Looks like I'm gonna have a lot of tracks to ask you about if not. wink

Also is that some Yoji Biomehanika in there??

Echo Jul 16, 2013

Adam, what's Yoji Biomehanika?

And the setlist can be found on the above Mixcloud link smile Glad you liked the tracks!

vert1 Aug 31, 2013

Espgaluda 2 is an amazing soundtrack that could have been used here. All the remixes pail in comparison to what Namiki created. I cannot believe I had such a negative impression of the album as I probably just listened to the poopy Disc 2 side.

Adam Corn Sep 2, 2013

Echo wrote:

Adam, what's Yoji Biomehanika?

Ah I never replied to this.  He was just a Japanese "hard dance" / "hard trance" DJ back when that was a thing.  I'm not exactly a fan for the most part but one of the tracks in your playlist did sound a lot like him.

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