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vert1 Jul 14, 2014

Is this ever going to be released on soundtrack or digital download? I know there are only 8 new tracks listed on the website. -website- I'd hate for 'Avatar of Speed' not to get a release.

vert1 Jul 26, 2016 (edited Jul 26, 2016)

Eh? Yuzo released more music 5 with the 5DX release:

First track sounds good. Outside of 'Avatar of Speed' which still has it's problems the music in 5 was definitely a low point in the series.

edit: 5DX's music is a continuation of the low quality of 5.

The_Paladin Jul 26, 2016

They included it in the box set.  On one hand I want to have all the music, but since I have the albums as they came out I haven't yet justified getting the set.

layzee Jul 27, 2016

Though I did like a few of WMMT's tracks (Avatar of Speed, Inorganic Soul, Fallen Angel), it was admittedly weaker. I just gave the new 5DX's tunes a listen and unfortunately, I don't see them growing on me in the near future. 4 and a half out of 5 is still a commendable track record so hopefully this is just a slight misstep and Yuzo will be back better than ever in WMMT6.

Also, port the entire series to a console already.

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