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Adam Corn Oct 11, 2014

A new expo celebrating the music and art of video games, Gamer's Rhapsody, is scheduled for its inaugural event in St. Paul, Minnesota on November 15-16.  The event will feature appearances and performances by Jake Kaufman, Disasterpeace (FEZ), OverClocked ReMix and more, along with "art workshops, a jam space where musicians can team up and perform alongside one another, panels hosted by industry professionals and Internet personalities, a vendor room to pick up game-related goods, an indie game showcase and more."

Tickets for the two-day event are $48.50 in advance, $38.50 in advance for groups of three or more, and $51.50 at the gate, and are available at the Gamer's Rhapsody official site.

Ramza Oct 11, 2014

This sounds like a really neat event, and if I lived anywhere near St Paul / Minn, I'd be there.

I attend MAGFest in DC whenever I can (almost every year for the last 6 years). And Gamer's Rhapsody sounds like all my favorite parts of MAGFest, and it excludes some of the overwhelming-ness that MAGFest has become in the last few years (when they moved to Gaylord Resort). Like when they book 5 different events at the same timeslot. tongue

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