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Ashley Winchester Dec 1, 2014

I've been going through Ito's SaGa music and I've found a few new favorites. Not really enough to buy an entire soundtrack per say but I have to admit that SaGa Frontier on the PS1 is still my top Ito score.

Of course, that really isn't much of a surprise. I grew up with SaGa Frontier so I hold a pretty damn big piece of nostalgia pie for the thing.

I really did enjoy SaGa Frontier even though it is kind of a mess. It's that kind of game that I know is downtrodden (at least outside of Japan)  but I won't defend it to the death because I know what a lot of people say about it is true.

What are some of your favorite Ito backed SaGa tunes? And what SaGa score would you pick as the best?

Also, can anyone tell me if the remasters for the Romancing SaGa OST are substantial or not?

James O Dec 1, 2014

I too am particular to the battle themes from SaGa Frontier as other than FFL (which I didn't know at the time as a kid was the original SaGa series) I grew up playing them.  Romancing SaGa though has pretty darn solid themes.  If you already have copies of the RS ost's, you probably don't need the remasters, but it's up to you.  It's not like FFIV's remaster where they looped the tracks to extend it.    I'd still pick SaGa Frontier based on my nostalgia for my own personal best SaGa OST.

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