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Adam Corn Dec 4, 2014

Game Music Bundle 8 is available for download through Loudr until December 18.  The collection of indie game soundtracks is available in two packages - 5 albums for $1 or 19 total albums for $10.  As always, fans are welcome to contribute more to support the artists behind the soundtracks.

Level 1 (unlocked at $1)

- Gods Will Be Watching (fingerspit)
- Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake (Disasterpeace)
- Super Time Force (6955)
- The Sailor's Dream OST (Jonathan Eng)
- Zombies (Bignic)

Level 2 (unlocked at $10)

- Dreamfall Chapters Reborn Original Soundtrack (Simon Poole)
- Freedom Planet (GalaxyTrail)
- FTL: Advanced Edition (Ben Prunty)
- Gods Will Be Watching Alternative Soundtrack (fingerspit)
- Hack N' Slash (Paul O'Rourke)
- Halfway (Gavin Harrison)
- Izakaya Ōmen ~MINI~ (Maxo)
- Lifeformed: Immerse (Lifeformed)
- Lovely Planet (Calum Bowen)
- Majestic Nights (Das_Fokks)
- Monarch: Heroes of a New Age Original Soundtrack (Goomin Nam)
- Spell Team Death Match (Bignic)
- The Novelist (Kent Hudson)
- Wanderlust Adventures (Chris Christodoulou)

Adam Corn Dec 15, 2014

The soundtrack review blog Best Original Scores has a very nice roundup of Game Music Bundle 8.

Having listened to the five-album bundle, I agree on pretty much all of those albums except Super Time Force, which I think has some good 8/16-bit sci-fi shoot-em-up electronica on it, though admittedly stretched thin over the 100-minute length.  (And old-school Genesis gamers, tell me you don't get a ThunderForce II vibe from this particular track.)

But yeah, The Sailor’s Dream is lovely (not five stars for me but a solid four), and Gods Will Be Watching has some nicely done semi-ambient electronic music.  A big improvement over Game Music Bundle 7 I think and certainly worth picking up.

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