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Adam Corn Dec 22, 2014

Heads-up on a sweet new chiptune album. The synth reminds me a bit of Streets of Rage but with a modern touch (accompanied by one track with a heavy NES TMNT feel to it). More importantly there's some serious groove to these tracks - I literally have a hard time sitting still to a few of them.

The full album is available for streaming from OverClocked Records and can be downloaded for as little as $2.99. Alternately here's a SoundCloud playlist with my favorite tracks ordered first.

As it stands this is my favorite chiptune album of 2014 (and this not forgetting that Shovel Knight was released this year also).

Adam Corn Jan 1, 2015

Just posted my review of Shuttle Rush OST. It's also the first album I've included SoundCloud integration with. In fact you can listen to the whole album right from the review page (with my personal favorite tracks sorted first).

It's a great chiptune album so give it a listen, and if you notice any issues with the SoundCloud functionality please let me know.

Ramza Jan 2, 2015

First of all, SoundCloud integration <3.

Second of all, I've heard nothing about this game until you posted this. I am *immediately* captivated by the art. The music I've streamed so far sounds great too. Thanks for exposing me to this one. smile

Adam Corn Jan 5, 2015

Glad you gave it a listen. I guess the game didn't get a lot of buzz (maybe due to the limited platform), that's the only reason I can think of why the OST hasn't gotten more attention. I actually found out about it through OverClocked ReMix's arranged album, Shuttle Remix. It has a few solid tracks of its own, but I definitely got more enjoyment out of the OST on this one.

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