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HamandSushi Jun 7, 2006

The PSP plus miscellaneous music one.

Amazingu Jun 7, 2006

I didn't like it as much as the previous two.
There seemed to be a big emphasis on Orchestral sound, instead of the greatly varied pop music in the first two games.
Still not bad though.

HamandSushi Jun 7, 2006

I almost want to get it just for Katamari on the Funk (which I haven't even heard) and the star-shooting music after each level.

Sami Jun 7, 2006

I think Katamari Original Soundtrack Damacy is much better than the Minna Daisuki (We Love) Katamari Original Soundtrack. Especially for Katamari on the Funk and Jesus Island. I think the first disc has more of the same feel as the original Katamari Fortissimo Damacy than MD Katamari. And then there's the second disc, which is not bad, plus, it's a second disc! While the overall quality may not top KFD (Katamari 1 OST), there's more value for the money. I think the just about only reason to get MD Katamari OST would be King of Kings' Song, but KOSD (the Me & My Katamari OST) has plenty of reasons going for it.

Schala Jun 8, 2006

I didn't really care for it only because it was mostly instrumental; I was expecting vocals like the other Katamari CDs. (I bought it without having played the PSP game...I guess it was too much to ask for vocal songs in the game, heh.) I really like the other two soundtracks, though.

Zane Sep 19, 2006

Bumping this thread because I'm craving some more Namco wackiness and I'm considering a purchase.. Has anyone else picked this OST up?

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