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GoldfishX Aug 5, 2015

I always thought the music for Bloodlines sounded off. The versions of "Iron Blue Intention" and "Reincarnated Soul" on the soundtrack sounded nothing like their Dracula Battle counterparts.  I thought I might have a faulty pressing of Dracula X somehow, so I downloaded both another copy and the Boxset version of Bloodlines. Same deal.

After playing the game, I confirmed that something was wrong...the ingame music sounds strikingly different and more defined than the CD versions. Far, far, far better. It appears the audio is split into the channels incorrectly on the recordings when playing the music in J River Media Jukebox. On the right channel, there is barely anything that appears in the midrange! Maybe they tried (and failed) to properly split a mono signal? I really can't explain it.

Has anyone else ever noticed this? I just thought Bloodlines was a lackluster score up until discovering this. Happily that isn't the case.

FuryofFrog Aug 6, 2015

I personally love the soundtrack but I cannot say I ever noticed this quirk. I had files that I originally dumped from Audio Overload for the longest time but now I a copy of Dracula X. Quality hasn't been an issue. I wonder if they have different quality in the series collection.

Or are you saying the the cover versions sound like junk and that the original versions are much superior?

GoldfishX Aug 6, 2015

Both the Battle versions of the songs and the INGAME versions of Reincarnated Soul and Iron Blue Intention are fantastic, both in their own way of course. I'm just saying the soundtrack version on Dracula X and the boxset are missing huge chunks of the music and it sounds nothing like the ingame stuff.

Load the Dracula X soundtrack versions into something that has a graphical output of the sound and you'll see what I mean. There's almost no midrange on the right side. I noticed it because I was listening on headphones and I thought one of my channels was out, but then the other music I played sounded fine.

FuryofFrog Aug 6, 2015

That is super curious. I am flabbergasted as to how I missed that before. I'm curious to know if anyone else knows about it? Tis a shame too. That bundle is particularly hard to track down.

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