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Zaggart Jun 9, 2006

From what I've heard of various tracks from both albums Trigun's score seems to be much more "real" than Imahori's work on the Gungrave videogame. It seems like it also showcases his skills as a guitarist with tracks like Scattered Rain and HT. I hope that I'll be able to get one/both of the albums as they sound very promising from the tracks that I have.

Namakemono Jun 18, 2006

I prefer his Gungrave work, and I find Trigun a bit derivative but still good. My favourite themes are Knives, Fool's Paradise and Zero Hour.

Zaggart Jun 18, 2006

From what I've heard of Gungrave's score it seems too focused on orchestral work, and the orchestral Imahori does not sound good to my ears.

Yuvraj Jun 19, 2006

Dude, you really need to work on your genre pinpointing skills, Gungrave is not orchestral.

That said, Gungrave OST uno is my favorite soundtrack of Imahori.

Zaggart Jun 19, 2006

Sorry, should've mentioned that all I have heard is a few 30 second samlpes and Black Sheep.

Namakemono Jul 10, 2006

Black Sheep is one of the weakest tracks in Lefthead IMO. In Righthead, pretty much all tracks are winners. By the way, as stated in the performance credits, Imahori used more real instruments in Gungrave than in Trigun.

Yuvraj Jul 10, 2006

You guys are both nuts. Black sheep is one of the coolest tracks of leftie.

By the way, this thread is really hot.

Namakemono Jul 11, 2006

"I Want to be Free" > all of the others. Righthead still has my favourite tunes by Imahori, though.

Zaggart Jul 24, 2006

This surely stayed on track, the reason I'm reluctant about Gungrave's(the anime) soundtrack is because I only liked two tracks on the GG:OD rip, which were jazzy, but all the others were just blaring metal with no point or crappy orchestral ambience. I was told Gungrave was diverse, so that has interested me a little, is it diverse in the sense that a lot of genres are presented so nothing is really dominant?

Namakemono Jul 24, 2006 (edited Jul 24, 2006)

The only tracks I enjoyed in the OD rip were Heavens and Partycrasher. All I can say is when you listen to the official soundtracks, you're in for a surprise. A big surprise. Those jazzy songs pale in comparision to the Gungrave game OST: techno, explosive brass with polyrhythm, amazing fusions... Gunlock and Ear Fudge will blow you away. Gungrave Righthead is where Imahori shows he's a great composer: half of the tracks feature a string quartet which plays many styles (funk, trip-hop, ambience à la Silent Hill...), and I tell you, his string work beats his guitar work to shame. The music in Righthead also sounds kind of Mediterranean (four tracks feature mandolin), but there are also a couple of rock themes, and even bebop. It's one of my favourite soundtracks ever. You'll fall in love with "The Maverick", "B. G.", and "Family" the moment you listen to them.
Lefthead features more electronic music (but there's still some rock, and an off-beat waltz with marimba and sax). "Gunlock Overdrive" (remix of "Gunlock" from the game OST), "I Want to Be Free" and the Kanno-esque "Dr. None". Overall, it's not as good as Righthead, but still one million times better than the OD rip. Those tracks were left out of the soundtracks for a reason.

Princess-Isabela Aug 10, 2006 (edited Aug 10, 2006)

well if you've seen Trigun anime, you probably love Imahori's works.
if you havent you may find it a bit bizarre and hard to appreciate(I know people who hated it), I particulaly love Trigun Soundtrack(both packs, happy and unhappy), very creative stuff and brilliant blend of tunes(there is plenty of styles in there).
recommended stuff by any means!

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