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Ephidel Feb 7, 2016 (edited Feb 8, 2016)

Edit 1 : Removed F-Zero X, Metroid Prime and Metroid Fusion. The Metroid Fusion translation on this site is a bit too literal. I'm sure even if we have to improvise, we can come up with better names for some of those ridiculous ones. I'll cross check the enemy/boss list with some kind of wiki to get the English names of these Bosses too.

Edit 2 : Removed Ocarina of Time. I'm happy enough with the listing from this site (with a few of my own modifications). I've done the Super Mario Galaxy : Platinum Edition Disc 1, but Disc 2's translation is looking very "Ingrish", so I'll have to think about what to do for that.

So, I've been gone for several years and I'm finally well organised enough to sort out some of my OSTs and make some rips of them.

As a note before I begin, I installed most of these on to my Xbox 360 years ago and they had English names, but now I've installed them to my laptop to put on a USB Stick so I can listen to them on my Xbox One, the titles turned to Japanese. So, I know there are good English translations of most of these, but seeing as I don't have a 360 anymore, I can't do most of these by myself. hmm

Anyway, I need help with full English translations of the track listings, and tbh, the direct Japanese to English translations in the listings on this site are very much "Ingrish" as far as I can tell.

For example, on the Mario Story OST, track 18 is listed as "Evade The Kuri Cannon and Charge Forward!" whereas the English version I remember is "Bill Blaster! Go Faster!". So there's loads of problems like these and I thought the best place I could possibly come to for answers would be here, seeing as this is where I bought a lot of my OSTs anyway through private sales (this and Chudah's Corner).

Also, if possible, Artist listings would be great too. I'll endeavour to hunt these down myself over the coming weeks but any help you can give me would be awesome.

So, without further ado, I'll name the Albums I need full proper English translations for (with F-Zero btw, and games like it, I'd like to know which map it is from. For example : Crazy Call at Cry is Port Town, I believe. Same goes for Mario levels and the like, though it's not essential, I guess) :

- Biohazard : Sound Chronicle : Resident Evil 0 (Disc 5, I think),
- Castlevania Best 2(?). Not sure if this is the name because last time I was here, people were still calling it "Akumajo Demon Castle Dracula X" or something. It's Castlevania 1 and 2 on the Game Boy and Super Castlevania IV on the SNES,
- Dragon's Dogma : Dark Arisen. This is both discs, so I believe Disc 1 is the Dark Arisen OST (Bitterblack Isle etc) and Disc 2 is the original main quest OST,
- Fire Emblem : Premium Soundtrack. 5 Tracks, but only the first one is in English, the other 4 have Japanese titles,
- Sound of Lylat OST. I think it's in German, but if there's any quick link so that I can get an official English listing, I'd much appreciate it,
- Mario Sports OST. I believe it's a mixture of tracks from Mario Golf : Toadstool Tour and Mario Power Tennis from the Gamecube,
- Super Mario Galaxy : Platinum OST. Both discs please,
- Paper Mario (Mario Story). Two discs here too.
- The Legend of Zelda : Majora's Mask. 2 Discs. I still haven't gotten over the fact I bought a bootleg version all those years ago. -______-

I think that's it. I tried to remove ones that are in Japanese but may have an English track listing on the CD (F-Zero X may have one tbh, I'll check later).

Well, I hope someone can help, and I'll no doubt start some more topics when I have time. Very different times we live in now in comparison to when I joined, and far too many games have little to no music at all. I wish they'd hurry up and patch the Media Player on the Xbox One too, because squishing the screen to listen to music is really pretty bad.

FuryofFrog Feb 8, 2016 (edited Feb 8, 2016)

This place has pretty much everything you will ever need. Original Japanese names, localized names, translated names. Some have artists track by track and also artwork.

In any case, I recommend scavenging over there for info, they most certainly have it.

Edit: Ok, here ya go.

Ephidel Feb 8, 2016

Excellent. Thank you very much. smile

Never knew about that site. I'll definitely use it for future reference.

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