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vert1 Mar 3, 2016

What's out there? I bought the SMTIV:Final OST and it's decent. Ordered the Streets of Rage 2 vinyl from mondo. I saw there's a Clock Tower cd set released. What else is releasing this year that is noteworthy?

Ramza Mar 3, 2016

In the world of Square Enix:

- an entire SaGa series Orchestral album (with a preorder bonus disc of 4 piano solo tracks from the series)
- Adventure of Mana OST
- that "Project Setsuna" game's OST
- "Bra Bra 2"
- FFXIV Heavensward OST
- FF Mobius / FF Exvius OSTs
- Star Ocean 5 OST
- A Dragon Quest I-III "Piano Trumpet Trombone trio" arrange album

Other cool stuff:

- A Steins;Gate complete box set (all games and anime so far), 7 CDs and bonus DVD
- Tales series orchestra concert recording (there's also a DVD or bluray version I think)
- Breath of Fire 6 OST (composed by Tamiya Terashima, I have high hopes!) --
- Phantasy Star Online 15th anniv live concert album (a DVD/bluray exists for this too) --
- There's some game called "V.D. - Vanishment Day" (I'm sorry, but V.D. stands for one thing only, and that's venereal disease). But anyway, the full OST is done by Shimomura. And SuperSweep published the OST. Which is a unique combo.
- Pokemon is getting a combined release of Red/Green (aka Red/Blue) and FireRed/LeafGreen, so it's like a double-reprint (the former of the two being super old and rare, so this is a great reprint for collectors of the series music) --

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