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vert1 Jun 18, 2016 (edited Mar 18, 2020)
demo footage … 0-6440991/

This pinhole vision flashlight is extremely annoying game design. I stopped playing ZombiU because of it. It is unrealistic and designed for cheap jump scares. (I wonder if the Wiimote or gyro sensor would ever let you wield the flashlight around separately from y-axis movement for a game.) It only reminds me of the lack of peripheral vision in games. Sure it accomplishes increased tension, but it also makes your immersion that of a cone head simulator.

Nothing in the demo looks like Resident Evil at all. This is probably the future of first person games where individuality in games felt through an avatar is totally lost for individuality felt through a viewpoint. It makes sense for them to push the franchise into first person for the purpose of increasing immersion but it's a very boring direction and displeasing to me.

Extra: The guy in vhs footage has some grossly skinny arms.

Jodo Kast Jun 18, 2016

I couldn't even watch the demo because of that damned flashlight.

Jay Jun 19, 2016

I really liked the look of it. Resident Evil needed a big change, in my opinion. I don't know how this will turn out and I haven't played the demo but it's different and it looks creepy and that's a good thing in my view. Not everyone will be happy with the change no matter how good it is and, yeah, it's possible this will be a misfire but I'm happy they had the guts to seemingly move away from where they have taken the series over the last few games and try something else. I'll be watching it with interest.

Idolores Dec 9, 2016

Good luck, Capcom. Ya'll gonna need it.

Haven't seen the demo, but remain hopeful. The last one I really enjoyed was 4

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