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Ashley Winchester Jul 9, 2016

I recently purchased a copy of the Street Fighter Zero 3 soundtrack. Last time I had a dub of it over a decade ago I remember it being very hit and miss with me. Not much has changed in that regard but I did discover a few tracks I overlooked before.

I started to write a review for it and I got to the point where In was talking about the character select theme. I don't like Alpha 3 as much as Alpha 2, but Alpha 3 went bonkers with the cast. So many characters. But the more I thought about this something seemed off. I started to look at the track listing and I'm like "isn't this missing a lot of character themes?"

Turns out it is and it isn't. The soundtrack is obviously covering the arcade release, not the home release. I don't think the second slate of characters were added until the console release. I decided to watch some game footage and yeah, there are additional character themes.

I'm not trying to act like I'm the first to discover this, but has anyone seen anyone else bring it up? I'm glad I kind of got a funny feeling about this because and investigated it because is worth noting in any review,

FuryofFrog Jul 11, 2016 (edited Jul 11, 2016)

I haven't really seen anyone talk about it personally. I've only played home releases of this game, and since the OST was kind of rare at the time I just did my own rip of the soundtrack so I never noticed. Same as you, I waaaay preferred the Alpha 2 soundtrack to Alpha 3. If I ever here The Road again it will be too soon.

Notable tracks of coolness imo

Performance (Dan Hibiki)
Simple Rating (Karin Kanzuki)
Crimson (Claw)
Scala (Rose)
High-Tech (Juli/Juni)
Kakugo (Sodom)
Brave or Grave (Dictator)

Just looking at my library again, I am definitely missing the console tracks. What a shame. Then again I guess since I didn't notice until you pointed it out maybe I didn't like those tracks too much. The big thing in this soundtrack that gets my goat is the guitar sound. Always thought it sounded awful.

On a slightly different tangent the new Kanzuki Beach stage sound super Alpha-y/CvS-y. I dig it.

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