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Rrolack Sep 4, 2016

Of all the soundtracks which were never released on CD, I find Bonk's Adventure to be a particularly surprising one.  A few reasons for this:

- Bonk's Adventure was apparently the all-time best selling game for the PC Engine
- The game was very heavily featured in the console's marketing (at least in the USA)
- Plenty of other PC Engine games have soundtracks

Does anyone know why Bonk's Adventure might have been passed over?  It's hard to believe they thought it wouldn't sell (even if it's not a great OST, IMHO).

GoldfishX Sep 4, 2016

In general, a lot of PC Engine games didn't see soundtrack releases. So this is (sadly) par for the course.

You would think it would be a prime target for the recent slew of retro releases though.

jazzpaladin Sep 12, 2016

Loved that game! Still have to go back and play it from time to time.

I'd imagine that as a soundtrack, it'd be quite short, given how much a few tracks repeat themselves throughout the game. Still, I love the elevator room and boss music, as well as King Drool's castle.

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