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The_Paladin Sep 12, 2016

So, supposedly only 100 copies were made for the Wave Race Blue Storm soundtrack and I have two copies... only neither presented the same and I'm wondering if anyone else has one to see if one of these matches.  I got both at different times and both quite a while ago so I'm not sure I could get answers from the sellers if they even knew.  I'm also likely to suspect that they were awarded without any packaging, but would like to know for sure.
The first copy is in a standard jewel case that is all clear while the second copy is in a slim jewel case with a solid black back.  Solving how, if at all, it was packaged is question number one.

The front image is on cardboard, but while one copy has nothing but sticky residue on the back, the other copy has the tracklist on the back.  However, I think it was two cardboard pieces stuck together (either beforehand or by previous owners) and one is simply missing it.  Knowing how the cover image and tracklist cardboard were originally presented is question number two.

Rrolack Jun 15, 2019

I managed to score a copy of this on eBay for $7.50.  This puts me in a good position to answer your 3-year-old question smile

My copy came in a slimline jewel case with a black back and a clear front.  There were two separate pieces of cardboard: one with the front image, and one with the tracklist.  They are not glued together.

The_Paladin Jun 15, 2019

Thanks Rrolack, you got quite a steal.  So yours matches the one I have.  Seems the second copy I have lost the tracklist cardboard and transferred it into a standard size jewel case.

Qui-Gon Joe Jun 18, 2019

Wow, I had no idea that even existed!!

The_Paladin Jun 19, 2019

If anyone is interested in the copy I have missing the tracklist cardboard, I'm open to offers.  I realize there is no good comparison to actual value and then for an incomplete copy, but considering it's 1/100 I suppose it's hard to be too picky.

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