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Ashley Winchester Oct 12, 2016

I was wondering, has Street Fighter II's compositions ever been fully credited by individual composer? I'm trying to figure out which songs were reprises in the first two Alpha as I'd like to label my music file's correctly.

After watching some footage these are the reprises I caught:
M. Bision (Vega)

Ken (don't think this is a reprise)
Dhalsim (can't really tell)

Also, are any of the continue/stage select themes reprises?

The_Paladin Oct 12, 2016

If you just mean the original SF II, then the title and all the stage themes except Sagat were Yoko Shimomura, and Sagat being Isao Abe.  I'm not sure about the rest off-hand since I don't have a ton of SF albums.  I don't have the Alpha 1 soundtrack to check quick either, but for Alpha 2, yes: Ryu, Chun-Li, Zangief, Sagat, Bison/Vega are all reprises.  Ken is an arrangement as well, but Dhalsim doesn't seem like it unless the melody is really buried in there.  Also Sodom is an arrangement of stage 2-1 and Rolento stage 5-1 from arcade Final Fight (so I believe Junko Tamiya and Manami Matsumae), and Sodom's ending is an arrangement of stage 1-2 (Manami Matsumae).

Ashley Winchester Oct 13, 2016

Thanks, I knew it was Abe and Shimomura that did the music, I just didn't know what amount of work they were responsible for. I thought the output was more balanced though.

And I can't remember reading somewhere Capcom divided their sound team into arcade and home consoles at that time and Shimomura was on arcade. I'm only aware of a few non-arcade pieces of hers (BoF) but I'm probably not aware of everything.

The_Paladin Oct 13, 2016

Well, as a Yoko Shimomura piece inspired by SF that most people probably don't know, check out Majestic Fire from pop'n music 13.  The other surprise in that iteration was Kenji Ito's Seiken Densetsu inspired song, Battle XIII .

Amazingu Oct 13, 2016

Ashley Winchester wrote:

Ken (don't think this is a reprise)

It sure is, and a really great one too.

Listen to this, especially the main theme kicking in around 00:10:

Then listen to this, where a more mellow version of the main theme kicks in almost instantly:

Ashley Winchester wrote:

Also, are any of the continue/stage select themes reprises?

The continue theme is a reprise of the one from SFII as well:


Alpha version:

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